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Five workouts to help you achieve a sound body


French heptathlete Antoinette Nana Djimou (© ASICS)

A sound body is ready and able to handle the physiological demands that our bodies go through in times of stress.

It absorbs training stress and life stress well, bouncing back to perform again when needed. And most importantly a sound body is one that has its needs met. These include movement, sleep, nutrition, self-care, rest and recovery.

Research has proven that running enhances mood and supports brain health. Running helps to calm the mind by promoting a flow-state feeling. It can also diffuse stress, by using up some of the body’s elevated adrenaline or cortisol, and help build resilience.

If you’re keen to achieve a sound mind in a sound body by running, start slowly. Adding a gruelling training schedule to a body or mind that is already under excessively high stress isn’t what you need to do. Research has shown that as little as 20 minutes moderate intensity movement is enough to significantly lower stress.

If you’re already an experienced runner training quite hard, then try to make room for this training stress by focusing on rest and recovery, and eating well.

Here five ASICS athletes and Frontrunners demonstrate five different home workouts you can do to help achieve a sound body.


Yoga for runners

By Sandra Blanz, yogi

“Yoga can improve your running form, make you more flexible and help you prevent injuries,” says Blanz. “You can‘t untie your body from emotions and thoughts, but this yoga practice helps to strengthen and relax both body and mind.”

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Glute strengthening circuit

By European 5000m silver medallist Eilish McColgan

“Since I’ve started doing these exercises, I’ve had far fewer injuries,” says McColgan. “I’ve got a much stronger core, and more hip and glute strength. All three of those things are very important for running form and running stride.”

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Drills and skills

By two-time European 5000m finalist Dennis Licht

"In these challenging times it's very important to keep on moving and to work on a healthy mind and body," says Licht. "Drills can improve your coordination, agility, balance and body awareness, helping you become a more complete runner."

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Full body workout

By Croatian champion Kristina Hendel

“We all know we need a strong core to be able to run fast,” says Hendel. “A strong core will also prevent you from getting injured.”

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Strength and cardio workout

By two-time European heptathlon champion Antoinette Nana Djimou

“This cardio routine will give you a sound mind in a sound body during this difficult time,” says Nana Djimou. “All you need is a bit of space and a good pair of shoes. And be sure to focus on your breathing and back position while doing this workout.”

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