Athletes' Representatives

Athletes may use the services of an Athletes’ Representative (AR) to assist them in the negotiation of their athletics programme and in such other matters as they may agree. Alternatively, athletes or their member federation may negotiate their own athletics programmes.


The AR regulations define the status of Authorised Athletes’ Representatives:

• who are required to submit a thorough application procedure to a member federation

• who undergo a specific evaluation process (unless exempt from taking the examination)

• whose activity is governed by the Athletes’ Representative regulations


Athletes ranked in the top 30 of the world list (of their respective event) may only use the services of an Authorised Athletes’ Representative (but it is also possible that athletes who are not in the top 30 list may wish to use the services of an Authorised AR).


These guidelines refer to Authorised Athletes’ Representatives and, in particular, cover the following aspects:

• becoming an Authorised Athletes’ Representative

• registering with a member federation in order to represent the athletes affiliated to it

• notifying World Athletics of the registration

• renewal of authorisation


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