IAAF Congress (Getty Images)


Congress is the highest authority of World Athletics and the sport of athletics worldwide. Council, the Executive Board and other bodies within World Athletics are accountable to Congress and must report annually to it. The Congress of World Athletics consists of the 214 Member Federations represented by up to three delegates each.

The Congress meets every two years at the time of the World Athletics Championships. Elections take place in every even numbered Congress, one vote being given to each Member Federation. The Congress elects the President, Vice-Presidents and the Individual Council Members.

The Congress also has the power to admit, suspend, expel and reinstate Member Federations from membership of World Athletics; to amend the Constitution; to approve the World Plan for athletics; and to approve, on the recommendation of Council, the members of the Vetting Panel, Disciplinary Tribunal and Integrity Unit Board.

The Congress can also grant, on the recommendation of Council, the World Athletics awards for services to the sport and the titles of Honorary Life Presidents, Life Vice Presidents and Life Personal Members.