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Endurance events push athletes’ bodies to the limit. And in turn, athletes have been pushing human endurance to the limit for years.

These events require specific training and knowledge, not only from the athletes, but from all the staff supporting the runners’ healthy progress and development, from medical practitioners and coaches to sport scientists and event organisers.

World Athletics and the International Institute of Race Medicine’s new medical webinar series “Endurance Running, Exposed, Explored, Explained” defines endurance running under a new light. Bringing together top experts from around the world on a monthly basis, the events aim to explore a wide range of scientific topics related to endurance running and give participants the opportunity to hear from and interact with international level speakers.

Each webinar will last for two hours, including both presentations and moderated Q&A sessions.

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The topics for the next six months are as follows:

30th January: The evolution of running and the risk of injuries

Could it be that we’ve evolved to sit on the couch rather than run 5ks, 10ks and entire marathons? Does running cause more injuries than other sports? Our first session will see two fantastic speakers dig into a wide range of topics related to the evolution of running, its effect on the human body, and the impact that injuries have.

Meet our speakers:

  • Daniel E. Lieberman: best-selling author, Harvard professor in human evolutionary biology and marathon runner
  • Irene Davis: World-renowned researcher and guru of the biomechanics of the human body

27th February: Exercising in the cold. Temperature stress and risk 

More information coming soon


27th March: COVID-19 procedures for mass participation events 

More information coming soon


24th of April: Youth participation in long distance running 

More information coming soon


29th of May: Running in urban environments and the risk connected to air pollution 

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26th of June: The Female runner throughout life and pregnancy 

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Register now for all six at a reduced price


Registration for individual webinars will open shortly