Culture13 Nov 2020

The chill-out playlist - Mirela Demireva


Bulgarian high jumper Mirela Demireva (© AFP / Getty Images)

Olympic high jump silver medallist Mirela Demireva shares some of her favourite tracks.

"I never listen to music during my training. For a high-jumper, rhythm is very important in my training and it is an individual matter and I can only find that inside. I can’t listen to music and my body simultaneously. For the same reason, I don’t prepare music for a competition. I don’t need it to boost my mood or motivation, so I only usually listen to music at home, in the evenings, and when I do I don’t do anything else – just sit back and listen.

I don’t have any favourite artist or genre, if a song is done well, categories don’t matter to me and I never like imposing limitations.

Mirela Demireva's chill-out playlist

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