Series03 Mar 2014

Work, rest and play – Anna Rogowska


Poland's Anna Rogowska in the pole vault final (© Getty Images)

Polish pole vault star Anna Rogowska will compete in her home city of Sopot at the IAAF World Indoor Championships this forthcoming week.

The 2009 world champion took time out from her busy preparations to answer our work, rest and play questions.


What is your favourite training session and why?

AR: If I’m feeling healthy, I love all my training sessions. If I‘m feeling good I’m able to do all the exercises with a smile on my face and without any problems.

What is your least favourite training session?

AR: I hate such training sessions where my body and mind do not cooperate well. Thankfully, this year, I have only had a few of those sessions.

Who is your favourite training partner and why?

AR: For the most part of my career I have trained alone with my coach. What this allows me to do is to fully concentrate on every session. Occasionally, it is funny to train with company for the physical training sessions. However, for the technical sessions I prefer to be alone.

Where is your favourite training venue?

AR: I love to go to the training camps to South Africa. If I have to train at Poland’s main athletics training centre, which is in Spala; about 100km from Warsaw and nearly 500km from my home. I love training in my home city of Sopot during the summer months.

What is your favourite music to train to?

AR: At the moment my favourite is Monster by Eminem & Rihanna.


Describe your perfect day without training.

AR: To sleep for as long as I want, then follow it with a big breakfast with friends by the seaside until lunchtime. In the afternoon I would then go diving or parachuting while in the evening I’d like to go on a long walk with my husband or enjoy a small party with some friends.

What is your favourite stress reliever?

AR: I do not have one method. It depends on the situation and the reason for feeling stressed. I find music, books, a good film, hanging out with friends or sometimes being alone can all help.

If you could pick any other athlete in the world to relax with, who would it be and why?

AR: As I need a little bit of adrenaline to relax, I would choose Renaud Lavillenie, because we probably have a common interest in extreme sport.

Where is your favourite place to relax?

AR: My hometown (of Sopot) and the seaside there. I spend so much time training and competing outside of Sopot I really miss it, so when I return it is really special.

What TV shows do you like to relax to?

AR: My favourite TV show is Top Gear. I also love the US sitcom How I Met Your Mother – I could watch that every day.


When did your passion for fashion begin?

AR: As a girl I became interested in fashion from a very young age. Now as a woman I love shopping – it really helps me to relax.

Do you have a favourite place to shop in the world and why?

AR: Unfortunately, because of my training demands I have no time to go on special shopping tours to New York, Milan or London, but I would like to do more of that once I finish my pole vault career.

At the moment I do not have a favourite place to shop. For me, it is simply important to have fun and spend time with friends. The only rule I have during shopping is at some point I have to have a small Italian espresso!

What is the favourite clothes item you have ever bought?

AR: I am still looking for it!

If you could pick one track and field athlete to go shopping with, who would it be and why?

AR: I like the style of some of the high jump girls. I would like to invite Blanka Vlasic or Emma Green-Tregaro for a small shop tour.

What is the most expensive piece of clothing you have ever bought?

AR: I cannot tell you because my husband will probably read this!

Steve Landells for the IAAF