IAAF Academy

The IAAF Academy has been established with the purpose of providing education for coaches, support people, or other experts playing a key role in athletics.

The basic idea is to combine IAAF education with an academic institution that contributes with its scientific expertise. It operates through the principles of connecting excellence, community and the sharing of international best practice at the highest level. Each accredited Academy incorporates strategic and technical input from Member Federations.

Until now, the focus of the IAAF Academy was on coach education. For coaches it provides an opportunity that elevates the status of top-level coach education through academic rigour, it also complements the coaching art with operational effectiveness and consolidates the coaching profession through proper regulation. The core work is in preparing coaches in achieving performance excellence and desired results.

Coaches who aspire to the highest level of the profession normally proceed in one of three directions:

As a leader: Chief Coach to a Member Federation or major club (also preparation for staff coach & coaching consultant) for either senior or youth athletes.

As a practitioner: High Performance / Elite Coach to individual athletes or teams.

As an educator: Coach Development Director for a national sport or multiple sports

The IAAF Academy is a totally unique concept and puts coaching at the cutting edge of international athletics development. The concept is a global university campus engaging international expertise to develop coaches and other experts at national level for excellence and effectiveness in their specific roles. The concept of the IAAF Academy will be further developed in the future by including courses for support people and by e-learning.