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Culture28 Feb 2020

The marathon training playlist - Sara Hall


US distance runner Sara Hall (© Getty Images)

We caught up with US marathon runner Sara Hall and asked her to share her training playlist with the world.

“I listen to music for about half of my hard workouts,” says Hall. “I’m addicted to this one album by Lindsey Stirling, her 2012 album. She has an electric violin and that kind of music really puts me in a flow state. All her stuff is good.

“My favourite kind of music is techno or electronic. During easy runs I like to listen to worship music. It helps me enter more of a worship state when I’m out there running.

“Before races I like to listen to the same stuff I do in training. It puts me in that mode of: ‘It’s go time. Do what you do all the time’.

“The Lindsey Stirling album below is upbeat but it’s not crazy metal, it’s like flow-state music.”

Sara Hall’s marathon training playlist