Series12 May 2014

Work, rest and play – Yohan Blake


Yohan Blake in action in the 4x100m (© Getty Images)

The latest athlete to take our work, rest and play questions is the 2011 world 100m champion Yohan Blake.

The passionate cricket fan from Jamaica plans to compete at the IAAF World Relays in The Bahamas later this month.


What is your favourite training session?

YB: My favourite training session is over-distance training. I like to have maximum speed endurance.

What is your least favourite training session?

YB: I like to train, so any easy day in training is my least favourite.

What are your three favourite things about being an athlete?

YB: The best thing about being an athlete is the competition, so No.1 is being able to push myself against my peers. No.2 – the travel. No.3 – meeting lots of people you probably otherwise would not have done.

What is your favourite training venue?

YB: UWI (University of West Indies) Bowl in Kingston, Jamaica.

What is your favourite music to train to?

YB: Jamaican dance hall music. The mixture of the beat and the aggression works for me

What is the worst thing about being an athlete?

YB: Enduring injury and disappointment. It stings.


What is your favourite music to chill to?

YB: Michael Jackson and Celine Dion.

Describe your perfect day without training.

YB: My perfect day without training is playing cricket on a Sunday.

What is your biggest stress reliever?

YB: Watching Naruto (a story that tells the struggles of three ninjas).

If you could pick one other athlete in the world with whom to relax, who would it be and why?

YB: James Anderson (English cricketer) to teach me the art of swing bowling.

What is your favourite meal?

YB: Curried chicken back with boiled dumplings and ackee.


When and how did your passion for cricket start?

YB: My passion for cricket, I think, is something I was born with.

What standard did you reach and what was your best performance?

YB: I played semi-professional club cricket in Jamaica. My best performance was in a Twenty20 match where I was bowling. The opposition needed nine runs with two wickets left and I grabbed both wickets. It was extremely satisfying.

Who is your all-time cricketing hero?

YB: I cannot choose an all-time cricketing hero. I have too many.

Which track and field athlete – other than you – would make the best cricketer?

YB: Usain Bolt would make a fantastic fast bowler because of his height and speed. He would be extremely intimidating in his run up!

Steve Landells for the IAAF