Press Release27 Sep 2019

IAAF and TDK extend partnership until 2029


TDK Executive Vice President Seiji Osaka, long jump world record-holder Mike Powell, 200m world leader Noah Lyles, IAAF President Sebastian Coe, TDK President and CEO Shigenao Ishiguro and Olympic 4x100m silver medallist Aska Cambridge (© Getty Images)

The IAAF and Japanese electronic components company TDK Corporation are delighted to announce they have agreed to extend their long-standing partnership until 2029.

TDK’s relationship with the IAAF began some 36 years ago when they became the men’s bib partner for the first edition of the World Championships in Helsinki in 1983. Through the renewed partnership, TDK will extend their long-term relationship with the sport of athletics through the five editions of the World Athletics Championships which will take place in the period from 2020 to 2029.

TDK’s corporate motto – ‘Contribute to culture and industry through creativity’ – is in line with the IAAF’s objective of contributing to society through expansion and development of the sport of athletics. The IAAF and TDK are working together to integrate TDK technology into the championships moving forward.

In addition to acting as bib partners at the IAAF World Athletics Championships, TDK will also continue presenting the men’s world record programme. Any athlete who breaks a world record in a men’s event at the World Athletics Championships will be awarded a cash bonus of US$100,000, offered by TDK.

Shigenao Ishiguro, President and CEO of TDK, said: “TDK has supported the IAAF World Athletics Championships since the first edition was held in 1983, and has continued to cooperate with the IAAF for the development of the event. For the following ten years, TDK will remain supportive of all the endeavouring athletes in the world, and towards the development of the sport of athletics.”

IAAF President Sebastian Coe, speaking in Doha on the day the announcement was made, said: “TDK has been a partner of ours since our very first world championships in 1983, , so I am delighted that they will continue their long-standing partnership with the IAAF. The sport has seen many changes since TDK’s involvement with the IAAF first began and through this new agreement TDK will continue to contribute to the growth of our sport over the next ten years.”