Press Release18 Jun 2019

IAAF Statement in response to release of full CAS Award


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The IAAF would like to thank all parties involved in the CAS case for agreeing to release the full CAS Award while maintaining the confidentiality of certain sensitive information shared during the hearing. 

Having the arguments of all parties and the detailed findings of the CAS Panel in the public domain will help to foster greater understanding of this complex issue and to demonstrate the balance it is necessary to draw between the right for any individual to choose their legal sex and/or gender identity, which the IAAF fully supports and respects, and the need for sport to create and defend a protected category for females, with eligibility for this category based on biology and not on legal sex or gender identity.  Sport is one of only a few, narrow sectors of society in which biology has to trump gender identity to ensure fairness.  To define the female category based on something other than biology would be category defeating and would deter many girls around the world from choosing competitive and elite sport after puberty.  The IAAF considers that the DSD Regulations are a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of protecting fair and meaningful competition in elite female athletics, and the CAS agreed.