News05 May 2013

Kim Collins Q&A ahead of the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Doha


Kim Collins celebrates winning the 100m final (© Getty Images)

Kim Collins is celebrating his 19th year on the international athletics circuit but he still has an appetite for the big occasion and will be competing at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Doha on Friday, the opening event of the 2013 series.

Now 37, the popular sprinter from St Kitts and Nevis made his international debut in 1995 when competing for his country’s 4x100m Relay team at the IAAF World Championships.

Eight years later, Collins was crowned the World 100m champion in Edmonton.

He graciously agreed to a chat, via Facebook, with his many fans on Saturday (4) and here are excerpts from that question-and-answer session.

Question: Is this your first time in Doha?      

Kim Collins: Yes, this will be my first time.

Q: Did anyone motivate you to follow athletics?

KC: Athletics for me was an adventure; but it was amazing as a child watching persons like, Dennis Mitchell, Frank Fredericks, Linford Christie and so on. It was difficult to understand what they do while trying to keep as relaxed as possible.

Q: How was your journey into athletics as a sprinter?

KC: It has been a life changing experience as a sprinter; from the start till now.

Q: How come a small country like yours produced such a great athlete like you?

KC: I think all countries have champions hidden in them; they have to be found and nurtured.

Q: You have seen Carl Lewis competing, Maurice Greene, Usain Bolt and many other great sprinters. Who do you rank higher?

KC: Bolt has commanded a lot more attention in the sport so it would have to be him.

Q: Do you feel anxious ahead of your race in Doha ?

KC: I am not anxious but more so excited.

Q: Do you think the heat in Doha could be an advantage for your performance?

KC: Yes, I heard the weather in Doha is very hot, so I am very excited.  It’s hot every day in the Caribbean where I live and train.

Q: What is your goal for 2013?

KC: My goal is to re-establish myself as a great sprinter.

Q: Will you be competing at the World Championships this year?

KC: I am looking forward to the entire 2013 track and field season. If I make it to Moscow, that will be a big plus.

Q: Any plans for you life after retiring from competition?

KC: I plan to become a coach after I finish competing.

Q: Would you like your kids follow your career?

KC: I would like my kids to follow my career but I won’t force them.

Q: What is your daily training schedule?

KC: Monday to Friday, my alarm goes off at 4:45am to get to training, after training breakfast, then gym then back home.

Q: What is your daily nutrition?

KC: My daily nutrition consists of fruits, vegetables; also chicken, meats, fish, brown rice, pasta and flour and lots of water.

Q: What is your advice on how to become a winner?

KC: Becoming a winner took a lot of honesty with training, and maintenance of the body.

Q: Which other sports besides athletics do you like?

KC: I sometimes like to watch boxing.

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