This list represents a small selection of the World Athletics publications available. Most can be found on the publications order form. To enquire about any other publications, please email:

Corporate publications – annual

HF200 2015 IAAF Yearbook '365' – US$16.00

HF201 2018 IAAF Calendar (desktop format) – US$8.00

Rules, constitution, regulations & Handbooks

HF100 IAAF Competitions Rules 2018/19 ENGLISH – US$10.00

HF101 Règles des Competitions IAAF 2018/19 FRANCAIS – US$10.00

HF102 Reglas de Competicion IAAF 2018/19 ESPAÑOL – US$10.00

HF104 IAAF Constitution 2014 ENGLISH – US$10.00

HF105 Statuts IAAF 2014 FRANCAIS – US$10.00

HF106 Constitucion IAAF 2014 ESPAÑOL – US$10.00

HF112 IAAF Advertising Regulations - 2012 edition (English & French)

Statistics & results

HF159k ATFS Annual 2018 (with 2017 results) – US$35.00

HF103 Progression of World Best Performances and Official IAAF World Records, 2015 edition – US$32.00

HF146 IAAF World Championships London 2017 Statistics Handbook – US$20.00

Scoring tables

HF170 IAAF Outdoor Scoring Tables 2014 – US$12.00

HF171 IAAF Indoor Scoring Tables 2014 – US$12.00

HF172 IAAF Scoring Tables for Combined Events (men & women, indoor & outdoor) 2001, reprinted 2016 - US$8.00

Medical/anti doping

HF161 IAAF Anti-Doping Regulations 2011 (English & French) – US$4.00

HF162 IAAF Competition Medical handbook – US$8.00

Guides & events

HF180A The Referee – US$12.00

HF180B Le Juge Arbitre (Nouvelle version non encore disponible)

DV31A Introduction to Coaching (2009) – US$20.00

DV31B Introduction à l’Entrainement (2009) – US$20.00

DV33A RUN! JUMP! THROW! The Official IAAF Guide to Teaching Athletics – US$24.00

DV33B COURS! SAUTE! LANCE! Le Guide Officiel IAAF de l’Enseignement de l’Athlétisme – US$24.00

HF71 Track and Field Facilities Manual 2008, including Marking Plans & CD ROM (English version only) – US$100.00

SET02 POSTERS: An exclusive set of six posters portraying the legends and current stars of our sport – US$20.00

IAAF Centenary book

HF135 IAAF 1912-2012: 100 Years of Athletics Excellence – US$60.00
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Technical quarterly

This publication is also available directly via the IAAF Development & Member Relations Department. More information

HF01 New Studies in Athletics – IAAF Technical Quarterly
Annual subscription – US$60.00


The above list represents a small selection of the publications available. The full list can be seen on the publications order form.