Series09 Jun 2014

Work, rest and play – Barbora Spotakova


Another IAAF Diamond League javelin victory for Barbora Spotakova (© Gladys Chai von der Laage)

Next up for our work, rest and play questions is two-time Olympic javelin champion and world record-holder Barbora Spotakova.

The dog lover and punk rocker made a winning return to serious competition at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Rome last Thursday, after giving birth to her son Jan – partly named after her coach and javelin great Jan Zelezny – last summer.


What is your favourite training session?

Barbora Spotakova: It depends on my actual mood but mostly running, running the hurdles and throwing the javelin. 

What is your least favourite training session?

BS: Most of the time, I don’t like weightlifting or shot put training.

What are your three favourite things about being an athlete?

BS: The fact that my job is my hobby; I can be a master of my time and that I get the chance to reveal my competitivness. 

Who is your favourite training partner?

BS: My dog. She doesn´t complain and never gets tired. 

What is the worst thing about being an athlete?

BS: It is that a small injury can ruin the whole season and that a full year’s training is in vain.  


What is your favourite music to chill to?

BS: It depends on the mood, but I like the rock and punk music the most.  

Describe your perfect day without training.

BS: It would be a nice hiking trip with my family somewhere in Czech Republic. 

What is your favourite stress reliever?

BS: Walks in the wood with my dog, or a punk concert with friends.

Where is your favourite place to relax?

BS: In the woods, next to my house.  

What TV shows do you like to relax to?

BS: I like to watch Top Gear and Little Britain, because I love british humour.


When did your passion for football start?

BS: I love the fact with you can play anywhere in the world. We played as young kids next to garages.  

Did you play football and, if so, to what standard?

BS: I have never played on what you would call a ‘proper‘ team. 

Which footballer were/are you closest in style to?

BS: I can't tell. I don't have style. I just have the passion.  

Which football team do you support?

BS: In Czech Republic it is a Slavia Prague. I went to high school next to their stadium. They are the team I’ve supported since childhood. In the rest of the world, I don’t support one club in particular, but I like the English teams and the Spanish teams.

Steve Landells for the IAAF