News21 Dec 2021

Wanda Diamond League releases diamond disciplines for 2022


The 2021 Wanda Diamond League winners in Zurich (© Getty Images)

A detailed schedule of which disciplines will take place at which meetings in the 2022 Wanda Diamond League season is now available.

In 2022, the Wanda Diamond League will once again pit the world’s best athletes against each other across 14 meetings and 32 disciplines.

Following the release of the calendar last month, fans can now find out which disciplines will take place at which meetings with the announcement of a detailed season schedule.

Athletes will have up to seven opportunities to compete for Diamond League points in their chosen diamond discipline in the course of the season, as they bid for a place in the Wanda Diamond League Final in Zurich.

Each of the 13 series meetings will take place in a two-hour TV world programme and will stage at least 13 diamond disciplines.

At the end of the 13 series meetings, the athletes with the most points in each diamond discipline will qualify for a place in the final in Zurich on 7-8 September.

As in 2021, Zurich will be the only meeting to stage every single diamond discipline, with all 32 Wanda Diamond League champions to be crowned over the course of a two-day season finale.

The full breakdown of which disciplines will take place at which meetings can be viewed via

The season calendar and the allocation of disciplines remain subject to change according to the global health situation in 2022.

A list of disciplines for each meeting will also be available under the 'programme and results' page on each individual meeting website.

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