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Darya Klishina answers facebook fans’ questions


Darya Klishina jumping in Glasgow (© Getty Images)

Long Jumper Darya Klishina, a regular correspondent of the IAAF via the IAAF Online Diaries, has taken time off her busy schedule to answer her fans’ questions received via the IAAF World Athletics Club Facebook page. Darya received almost 200 questions – here are the ones she selected…

From KaraboMogale: how old were you when you started?

About 12 years

From Ben Neates: Are u single?

I am still single. Waiting for my fairy tale prince, like we put it...

From John Paci: What motivates you to keep to such a high level of training?

I am very ambitious in sports and feel a lot of responsibilities towards my team

From Jeffrey Cheng Ck: Where do you get your inspiration?

I always remember that I am responsible for my result not only to myself, but also to my team who assists me in reaching heights in sports.

I also realize that track-and-field is not the most popular sport so far. I will be happy if I can assist in turning this situation and attract young people to my sport.

From Luke Munro: What's your training to stay fit and conditioning?

Above all, I have my regimen (I eat and recover correctly, sleep enough) even during my holidays. This makes it possible that I gain «zero» weight and stay fit

From John Paci: Who is your favorite tennis player?

First of all, I admire top level matches. Some of them I witnessed live, coming to Wimbledon in 2011. Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer, also IMG clients, were playing. I always support Maria as I know her personally and she is also Russia, like me.

From Jordan Michael Lujan: What are your Top 5 long jump drills?

I have many drills. Can I give you rather my top 4 recommendations?

- your foot should be absolutely firm when reaching the bar

- while jumping look always in front of you, head should never be lowered

- complete each jump (even if you missed take-off bar).

- While running up, your face should be relaxed otherwise your shoulders and arms got stiff

From Julian Beyer: what is your objective in London?

Like any other athlete, I strive for gold in London. However, this is not the end of my life and I will move forward...

From Sarah Safina: Who is your favorite athlete?

I am not idolizing anybody. I have all my respect for those athletes who can produce good results for a long time. There are too many way one-day performers

From Dean Swimmer: Have you ever had a serious injury, if yes, how did you get back?

At the recent world championships in Korea I injured my foot during warm-up. Later on I underwent a surgery in Finland. Nothing troubles me now, though I started to tape my feet to prevent these situations.

From Sébastian Rouleau: What are your concentration techniques before a jump?

Before running-up I focus on technical aspects mentioned by my coach. I also remember that I was working so hard during trainings. Thus, my result will be good, it simply cannot be otherwise.

From Sylvain Letede Ongolo: What is the key of your success?

I trust and believe in my coach.

From Pang Kaulitz: What makes you want to take part in track & field?

I feel I was destined to be in track-and-field. I follow this sign of God.

From Tyson Enrique: What are some good workouts to increase jumping ability?

Your feet should be strong. Don't be lazy to work on your small foot muscles after each training. Plus hurdle jumping, jumping onto a block with jumping off, fumping off a stand with a further jump, half-knee bends with weights

From Jan Schneider: Do you have any superstition?

It is always my coach who attaches my competition number. Always!!!

From Franziska Knoblich: How you train your abs?

I work on my upper and lower abs 4 times a week. Usually, during my warm-ups. Don't niglect your back! Also stomach exercise equally often.

From MrGreen Syed Sajjad: Thank God I gotta get the chance to talk to an athlete like you. I'm very happy to have you here. My question is that I'm sprinter here in Pakistan. My competition is coming in March. How many days a week should I practice? I'm doing four days a week. Is that okay?  

2-3 months before a competition there should be around 10 trainings a week (2 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday, 2 on Fryday and 1 on Saturday. No training on Sunday – be happy!)1 month before your competition there should be 5 trainings. Do not forget – all programs are individual, listen to your body!

From Fabian Christ: If someone asks you to get a model instead of track and field would you say yes?

My No.1 priority is sport. I enjoy it much more then fashion shooting. Just imagine – great jump... You are flying to a victory... What can beat this feeling?

From Namrata Devadiga: Can you suggest some drills for jumpers for getting a proper landing?

Just keep your legs as high as stretched as possible! Gravity will make you land at some point anyway!

From Majid Rasouli: What is the meaning of Darya? Is that Iranian name?

I have to check... Never occured to me.

From Kajal Raniga: What is your favourite event to watch at the Olympics?

If I have a chance I always watch biathlon. I hope I will visit next winter Olympics. They will be in Russia anyway.

From Ahmed Mouttaki: Will you take part in the Rabat international meeting 2012?

I do not think so. During am Olympics year I have to be focused on my main objective.

From Andrew Baker: What kind of leg exercises do you do and how often do you do them? (jump squats, plyometric etc.)?

2 times a week – technical training, 2 times – weights, 2 times – sprints, 1 to 2 times hurdles. And do not be lazy – stretch after each training session.

From Yusuke Adachi: What's your hobby, of course without athletics?

Like any girl, I am fond of shopping, driving a car, meeting friends, reading and watching movies. It is so pity I have not so much of a chance to go after my hobbies. That's life.

From Kerry-Liam Wilson: Would you consider hurdles or relay races if you were to change from Long jump?

I would try 400m.

From Michaela Famfulíková: Do you think someone will improve the WR of Galina Chistyakova 7.52m in the coming years?

This is a space-age result… I am so glad I have this mark in front of me. Or rather this is like a red rag for a bull :))

From Tim Schwippel: Where do you like to do your training camps in the spring?

Usually, I have a training camp in Portugal or in Sochi. I like the climate. And I also need sand as I practice on sand for the most part during this period.

Thank you for your questions, my dear friends!

Yours Darya Klishina

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