News13 Dec 2005

CAS decision on Montgomery and Gaines


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Monte The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has today issued its decisions in the cases of US track athletes, Tim Montgomery and Chryste Gaines, arising from the Balco doping conspiracy.  The CAS Panel found both athletes guilty of a doping violation for having admitted the use of prohibited substances and they have been banned from competition for a period of 2 years commencing on 6 June 2005.   In addition, all results and awards obtained by Tim Montgomery from 31 March 2001 and by Chryste Gaines from 30 November 2003 (the respective dates that each admitted the use of prohibited substances) will be cancelled in accordance with IAAF Rules.

The decisions are particularly significant for the IAAF’s ongoing fight against doping in Athletics since the two doping violations did not arise as a result of positive doping tests but were substantiated by various other forms of evidence, including evidence presented by another US athlete, Kelli White.  The Panel specifically commented in the award that doping violations involving “non-analytical findings” can be proved by a variety of different means and that sporting authorities such as the IAAF and USADA must not be prevented from prosecuting such violations with “the utmost earnestness and eagerness, using any available method of investigation”.

IAAF President, Lamine Diack, commented that “this is a landmark CAS decision and one that the IAAF welcomes as it continues to pursue its anti-doping fight with the utmost vigour.  We also take this opportunity to recognize and thank USADA for its substantial contribution in leading prosecution of these cases before CAS.  It demonstrates once again the need for a complete co-operation between anti-doping organizations if the global fight against doping is to be successful”.

The CAS decisions are final and binding on all parties.  The full awards are published on the CAS website ( in the section entitled “Case Law”.