News06 Apr 2022

Athlete registration process opens for U-20 World Championships, Cali 2022


Proceso de inscripcion U20 CALI

Registration process and deadlines.

The U-20 World Championships in Cali enters in a final stage, to find out the names of the athletes who will compete for the glory that grassroots sport grants.



Preliminary registrations

World Athletics, announced the registration dates for the athletes who will attend the XIX World Athletics Championships U-20 Cali 2022, and the national federations have been notified to carry out the preliminary registrations using the World Athletics online event registration system (EES) from April 4, 2022 and until before midnight on May 3, 2022, Monaco time.



Final Entries

With the athletes defined, the final entries must be submitted online using the EES system, which will be available from June 17, 2022 until midnight on July 17, 2022, Monaco time.




What more about final confirmations?

Unless otherwise specified in the team manual, for events held on August 1, final confirmation of entries must be made by 12:00 noon on July 31, and for all days thereafter, before 9:00a.m. the day before the event. It will also be possible for the teams to confirm the names of the athletes upon arrival, during the accreditation process.


In case of arriving in the country outside the established hours of July 31, the member federations must confirm via email, the athletes for the first day of competitions.




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