Feature22 Nov 2020



Panorama by Kevin Scott

Hayward Field at The University of Oregon

October 2020 saw the global unveiling of the incredible Hayward Field at the University of Oregon, site of the World Athletics Championships Oregon22.

With sweeping architecture, bold colors, and a striking modern design set within the tranquil natural beauty of the City of Eugene, Hayward Field is a world-class theater tailor-made for one purpose: experiencing and elevating the sport of track and field. This facility has athletes and fans at its very heart.

The front row of seats comes right next to the outside lane of the track, so crowds will feel the sprinters and hurdlers racing past them. This creates an electric atmosphere, connecting athletes to the crowd in an intimate setting unlike any other.

The seats themselves are wide, with plush, comfortable seatbacks. The bowl was designed to optimize the sightlines of every single seat and to amplify the cheers of the crowd within the stadium. With two permanent video boards, not a single moment of glorious action will be missed.

While the fans are enjoying those amenities, athletes will be preparing for competition inside the stands themselves, with indoor warmup and training facilities. Track surface is abundant throughout the venue, a constant reminder that Hayward Field is a permanent home to track and field athletes.

The wooden, rib-like bents that support the translucent roof and wrap the stadium are glorious symbols of the lush forests of Oregon. These shapes were the inspiration behind the WCH Oregon22 logo.

The magic of this place has captivated the world for decades, and it will continue to capture our imagination for decades to come. It is a place where local, national, and global communities come together to celebrate the sport of track and field. There is no doubt that Hayward Field is one of the greatest athletics facilities ever built and that it will be a spectacular setting as Oregon welcomes the world on July 15–24, 2022.

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