Feature24 Apr 2024

A sound mind: inside the ASICS Chojo Camp


ASICS Chojo Camp athletes on a long run (© Dan Vernon)

World Athletics Inside Track visits the newly opened ASICS Chojo Camp in Kaptagat, Kenya. 

The term ‘Chojo’ has a long history at ASICS. The word translates from Japanese to ‘striving for the peak’, which is reflected in the approach of ASICS to product innovations and services. 

With the introduction of the camp, ASICS is supporting its athletes as they strive for their peak performances – physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Here Inside Track meets some of the up-and-coming talent at the camp and during a long run to learn about the benefits of a team environment and how the camp fosters a sound mind in a sound body.



“The reason why I choose to run is to change life. I came from a humble background, so I choose running just to make my life better,” explains Barnaba Kipkoech, a Chojo Camp athlete who won last year’s Kobe Marathon.

“After running, maybe in the evening, I go through some books, because I need to inspire someone also to change his life through a career, not only in running, but in different things.

“If you want to succeed, you need a team,” he adds. “We as Chojo team, we really appreciate being in one group. It’s very important to work as a team.

“The motto for ASICS, ‘sound mind, sound body’, it really means a lot to me. It has changed my life, from the lower levels to higher levels.”