World Record Progression of 4x800 Metres Relay

Mark Wind Competitor DOB Country Venue Date
7:50.17 Soviet Union URS URS Moskva (URS) 05 AUG 1984
7:52.4h Soviet Union URS URS Podolsk (URS) 16 AUG 1976
7:54.2h German Democratic Republic GDR GDR Karl Marx Stadt (GDR) 06 AUG 1976
8:05.2h Bulgaria BUL BUL Sofia (BUL) 30 AUG 1975
8:08.6h Bulgaria BUL BUL Sofia (BUL) 12 AUG 1973
8:16.8h Federal Republic of Germany FRG FRG Lübeck (GER) 31 JUL 1971
8:25.0h Great Britain & NI INT INT London (GBR) 05 SEP 1970
8:27.0h Great Britain & NI GBR GBR Edinburgh (GBR) 13 JUN 1970
8:33.0h German Democratic Republic GDR GDR Cottbus (GER) 04 OCT 1969


* Pending ratification. Mx: mixed gender race. Wo: women only race. (i): set indoor.