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Series03 Sep 2019

IAAF Inside Athletics – the Borlee brothers: ‘an all-Borlee relay would be amazing’


Jonathan, Dylan and Kevin Borlee (© AFP / Getty Images)

In the latest episode of IAAF Inside Athletics, European 4x400m champions Jonathan, Kevin and Dylan Borlee of Belgium talk about their life as one of the leading families in athletics.

“People sometimes think that we started because our dad wanted us to, but it was always our choice,” said Kevin. “I started running because I wanted to run fast. I don’t think I would be here if I was just doing it for my dad or anybody else. I’m just happy and glad to do it with my brothers.

“As teammates you don’t always want to have your opponent next to you,” he added. “But here I’m privileged to have a brother but also two guys who can run really fast and can push me every day really hard.”

“I started athletics because of my brothers and sisters,” said Dylan. “In training they push me to be better every day. When I’m down or have difficulties in training, they remind me that I can run 44 and it has helped me a lot to train hard. To be alongside them in the 4x400m or in training, for me it’s a great thing.”

“When one of us is hurt or cannot compete, that can be hard for us,” said Jonathan. “We have to focus on athletics but we want our brothers to be in good shape as well. Or sometimes we’ll be in a final together and one performs but the other is seventh or eighth which leads to mixed feelings and makes it hard to enjoy.”

When asked about the possibility of younger brother Rayane joining them for the 4x400m at a future major championships, they were excited by the prospect.

“An all-Borlee relay team in the future would be amazing,” said Jonathan. “He (Rayane) is still really young. He’s good, he wants to be fast, and he knows that he has a lot of work to do. But if one day we could run together on a 4x400m at a European or World Championships, that would be amazing.”

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