Series01 Feb 2018

Christian Coleman: I love sprinting because...


Christian Coleman in the 100m at the IAAF World Championships London 2017 (© Getty Images)

USA’s Christian Coleman blitzed to a 6.37 clocking over 60m in Clemson two weeks ago. Here the 21-year-old world 100m silver medallist explains why he enjoys running quickly.


"Since the age of six, when I first started sprinting at the College Park Jetters club in Atlanta, I have enjoyed sprinting.

"From my very first race, when I finished second to a boy two years older than me, I knew I was quick. But in that first race, I was confused by the dotted lines around the curve near the start of the 100m and rather than running in a straight line, I followed the curved lines and ended up running in the same lane behind my team-mate!

"My parents are both athletic and from athletic families. My dad was a volunteer coach at College Park and he definitely sparked something in me to work hard as my track and field career has developed.

"I love sprinting; learning more about how to run quickly, being around the team, hanging out with my family, travelling different places, running fast and winning.

"I like the fact everything comes down to you in running. If you play a team sport, you might be really good but not necessarily on the best team. Track and field is more cut and dried. Whoever is the fastest on the day wins the gold medal – I like that about the sport.

Christian Coleman en route to his 9.82 performance at the NCAA Championships in Eugene


"I have also enjoyed what the sport has given me in terms of travelling the world, seeing new places and meeting lots of people. Track is a truly worldwide sport that everyone can relate to, no matter which country you are from. I love experiencing multiple cultures and I look forward to travelling to more countries and cities in the season ahead.

"I also love just being a competitor and even watching the best perform. The biggest buzz and thrill is seeing how the hard works pays off because track and field in my experience is one of the hardest sports. You are training 24/7 every day, not only in terms of your track workouts but also with your nutrition and getting adequate rest.

"But the greatest thing about sprinting is the excitement I feel running big races. I love running on the big stage, when the pressure is on. It is what I was born to do. To finish first is just the icing on the cake."

Steve Landells for the IAAF