Report25 May 2020

Weisshaidinger throws 68.63m in Schwechat-Rannersdorf


Weisshaidinger and coach Gregor Hogler in Schwechat-Rannersdorf (© ÖOC (Austrian Olympic Committee))

Austria's Lukas Weisshaidinger returned to action at his present training base in Schwechat-Rannersdorf on Monday (25), winning a low-key discus throw competition with a 68.63m effort, the second best throw of the 28-year-old's career.

In order to maximise the rare competitive opportunity, two competitions were held, both in line with Austria's strict guidelines for public events which currently allow a maximum of 10 people to gather for sporting events. Today those included three athletes, three coaches, two officials and a photographer.

Despite battling windy and rainy conditions, Weisshaidinger won both handily. 

He opened the day with a foul in the first, reached 63.25m in the second round before unleashing his winning 68.63m in the third, 35 centimetres shy of the national record he threw in 2018. Spinning into his rhythm, he followed up with 66.31m and 65.82 efforts.

He was even more consistent in the second competition, capped by a 68.19m effort in the third round. Two other throws also sailed beyond 67 metres.

He saved his best for last, a throw that landed at 69.95m, but was later ruled a foul.

"The kick-off was great today, sensational," said Weisshaidinger, whose top mark of the day landed him in the No. 2 spot on the 2020 world list, just behind Jamaican Fedrick Dacres who threw 69.67m on 8 February in Kingston. 

Organised by Weisshaidinger's coach Gregor Högler, the competition was held at the Rudolf Tonn Stadium where he and Weisshaidinger helped lay a new circle earlier this month.

"I really couldn't wish for a better place," Weisshaidinger said. "This is a dream. With the wind it was sometimes like a small lottery! But the new ring has already paid off."

Eighteen-year-old Will Dibo was a distance second in both competitions, his best of 52.51m coming in the second.

Olaf Brockmann for World Athletics

Weisshaidinger's series:
First competition: (x - 63.25 - 68.63 - 66.31 - 65.82 - x)
Second competition: (x - 67.21 - 68.19 - 66.13 - x - 67.49)

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