Press Release16 May 2024

Fresh talent discovered in World Athletics' Content Creator Programme


Demitra Carter, Julia Lillo, Gabriele Fusar Bassini and Sam Su of the Content Creator Programme

Four more creatives will have their work showcased on World Athletics digital channels following their selection to the World Athletics Content Creator Programme.

Following its launch in 2023, the Content Creator Programme returned in January and received thousands of applications from all around the world.

The four selected creatives – from three different continents – will now create TikTok, YouTube and Instagram content for World Athletics’ platforms.

They are:

Demitra Carter, a former NCAA All-Conference and Baylor University sprinter from Kansas, USA. During her time at Baylor, where she competed for five years, she received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a Master of Science in Education in Sport Management. She is committed to bridging the gap between fans and athletes with her original series Tiny Talks on the Track. You can often find her asking fun questions around the track with a tiny mic in hand. She will be producing Tiny Talks with World Athletics alongside another fun series made to bring fans closer to the sport.

Gabriele Fusar Bassini, an Italian graphic designer. Prior to becoming a graphic designer, he studied cinema and then data science. Athletics has been a part of his life since the age of 11 and he fell in love with the 400m. Combining storytelling with AI and design – using skills developed during his varied academic journey – Fusar Bassini’s Content Creator Programme project will be to create an alternate reality game (launching at the end of the summer) where mysterious information and messages make up a treasure hunt. It will be a mix of escape room, Sherlock Holmes, fiction and athletics history, with a final prize.

Julia Lillo, a video editor and content creator who was born in Madrid and now lives in Barcelona, Spain. Studying for a communications degree, she has been in love with athletics since she can remember. She had almost finished her third year in medical school when she finally decided to pursue what she truly enjoyed: telling stories and evoking emotion through videos. Through her involvement with the programme, she hopes to help make athletics more thrilling than ever.

Sam Su, a creator born in China and raised in New York City, who is known for his passion for capturing the human experience through art. His love for movies and his playful storytelling abilities allow him to blend a cinematic style with lively documentary photography and films. As an athlete himself, he believes that sport is the heart of community and cultural exchange, and it will always be a big part of his life. Through the programme, he aims to create content that better bridges the gap between the athletes we idolise and the spectators who fuel the sport.

Stay tuned to World Athletics’ online platforms to engage with the content that these up-and-coming creatives will produce.

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