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World Athletics and CIFP invite fans to nominate fair play moments for 2023


A moment of fair play (© Christel Saneh)

Nominations extended to all World Athletics Series and Continental Tour events throughout 2023

With the backdrop of the World Athletics Championships, the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP), in partnership with World Athletics, is inviting athletics fans across the world to nominate moments that epitomise fair play with a view to recognising one standout athlete or moment at the World Athletics Awards later this year.

In a change to previous years, CIFP and World Athletics have extended the nominations period beyond the World Athletics Championships to include all World Athletics Series (WAS) events and Continental Tour events throughout the course of the year. This will allow for more moments to be included from different events all across the world, and enriches the pool of eligible athletes and potential nominations.

Following the final WAS event of the year, the World Road Running Championships in Riga, Latvia, in October, a jury will be empanelled to review the nominations and judge on a shortlist of five fair play moments in athletics from 2023.

Fans will then be asked to cast their votes through the World Athletics social media channels for the shortlisted moment that they feel best exemplifies fair play. These votes will be combined with the votes from the jury to determine three finalists for the Fair Play Award. The winner will be revealed at the World Athletics Awards in Monaco in December.

To nominate an athlete or moment for the Fair Play Award, please email

Holly Bradshaw and Katie Moon were the latest recipients of the award at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon in 2022. Bradshaw injured herself after her pole snapped during the pole vault warm-up session. Her fellow competitor Nageotte immediately went over to support her. Knowing she would no longer be able to contend for a place in the final, Bradshaw withdrew from the competition, thus allowing another athlete to advance. Bradshaw received a lot of abuse on social media for withdrawing, but Nageotte again offered support by taking to Twitter in defence of her competitor.

The CIFP was established 60 years ago to promote the principles of fair play in sport: fair competition, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality and sport without doping. It honours those who respect the written and unwritten rules of sport, which include integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, and who set an example for others, on and off the field. The CIFP’s first collaboration with World Athletics dates back to the 2003 World Athletics Championships in Paris. Ten awards have been handed out since then.

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