Press Release30 Nov 2015

IAAF Ethics Commission provisionally suspends Kiplagat, Okeyo and Kinyua


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The independent IAAF Ethics Commission has announced the provisional suspension of Mr Isaiah Kiplagat, Mr David Okeyo and Mr Joseph Kinyua from any IAAF or Athletics Kenya position pending investigation of complaints made against them and evidence and information which has been received by the IAAF Ethics Commission.

This provisional suspension, which is made in the interests of the integrity of the sport, is for a period of 180 days and is effective, and was made public by the Ethics Commission, at 1500hrs GMT on Monday 30 November 2015.

The full statement issued by the independent IAAF Ethics Commission is available on the home page of their website:

Changes to rules and statutes of IAAF Ethics Commission

The announcement today follows changes to the Procedural Rules and the Statutes of the IAAF Ethics Commission which were approved by IAAF Council during their meeting last Thursday (26) -

The main changes are as follows:

- an increase in the number of Commission members and Legal Secretaries – 7 to 9 members and 1 to 2 secretaries;

- investigations are no longer restricted to complaints filed by a member of the IAAF Family - the Commission can now initiate an investigation if reliable information comes to its attention from any other source as well provided it discloses a prima facie case of a serious infringement of the Code;

- the disciplinary process under the Code may be streamlined in appropriate cases, for example, if there is no dispute on the facts;

- the Commission can now issue provisional suspensions much earlier in the process pending the conclusion of an investigation or decision of a Panel of the Commission.

This follows an earlier amendment on 6 November 2015 as follows:

- the confidentiality provisions were relaxed to allow the Commission to cooperate with the IAAF and other organisations and disclose the existence of proceedings and make public comment if it deems it appropriate to do so to discharge the Commission’s functions or protect the integrity and reputation of the sport.


La Commission d’éthique de l’IAAF suspend à titre provisoire Kiplagat, Okeyo et Kinyua

La Commission d’éthique indépendante de l’IAAF a annoncé la suspension provisoire de M. Isaiah Kiplagat, M. David Okeyo et M. Joseph Kinyua de toute position liée tant à l’IAAF qu’à Athletics Kenya, en attente des conclusions de l’investigation de plaintes déposées contre eux et d’éléments et d’informations reçus par la Commission d’éthique de l’IAAF.

Cette suspension provisoire, faite dans l’intérêt de l’intégrité du sport, et qui porte sur une durée de 180 jours, a été annoncée publiquement par la Commission d’éthique lundi 30 novembre 2015, à 15h00 GMT, moment à partir duquel elle est entrée en application.

Le communiqué complet publié par la Commission d’éthique indépendante de l’IAAF est disponible sur la page d’accueil de son site internet: