Press Release14 Oct 2019

Decisions made at IAAF Council Meetings in Doha


The 219th IAAF Council Meeting in Doha (© Getty Images)

At the two IAAF Council Meetings held in Doha, a series of decisions were made, which have now been communicated to the 214 Member Federations.

These decisions include:

Marketing and advertising regulations

The Council approved the principles of a new marketing and advertising approach, devised in agreement with Dentsu.

New regulations will be presented to the Council for approval in November. For marketing and advertising on clothing it is proposed to:

  • Increase the number of logos, the size and the placement of them
  • Give greater flexibility and opportunity in respect of Member Federations and their national sponsors’ logos appearing on kit
  • Have an approvals process for all kit before use at a World Athletics Series (WAS) event
  • Give greater flexibility and opportunity in respect of athletes and their personal sponsors’ logos appearing on kit at non-WAS events
  • Increase the flexibility in respect of shoes, other apparel and accessories


Eligibility regulations for transgender athletes

The Council approved the Eligibility Regulations for Transgender Athletes which now replace the former Sex Reassignment Regulations introduced in 2012. The updated regulations come into force on 1 October 2019. These Regulations have been drafted to align with the Eligibility Regulations for the Female Classification (Athletes with Differences of Sex Development) and include updates to reflect current medical standards and the legal framework.  

Under the new regulations a Transgender female athlete is no longer required to be recognised by law in her new gender but should provide a signed declaration that her gender identity is female. She must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Expert Panel that the concentration of testosterone in her serum has been less than 5nmol/L continuously for a period of at least 12 months prior to being declared eligible, and must keep her serum testosterone concentration below that level to maintain her eligibility to compete in the female category.



The Council approved the following sanctions against the Federation Gabonaise d’Athletisme

  • Suspension of the right to attend, speak and vote at the 2019 Congress
  • Issue a caution stating: “that if the federation fails to fulfil all of its member obligations by 31 March 2020, Council may consider additional sanctions and/or provisional suspension”

The Council requested the IAAF headquarters, with the assistance of the Conferation of African Athletics, follows up to assist in re-establishing the activities of the federation in Gabon, and keeps the Council updated on progress.



The Council approved for a four-year term the following:

International medical experts to an Expert Panel for the Eligibility Regulations of Transgender Athletes:

  • Prof. Guy G. T’Sjoen (BEL) – Endocrinology
  • Prof. Angelica Linden Hirschberg (SWE) – Gynaecology/Endocrinology
  • Prof. Joshua Safter (USA) – Endocrinology
  • Prof. David Handelsman (AUS) – Endocrinology
  • Prof. John Arcelus (GBR) – Psychiatry

Athletics Integrity Unit Board Appointments Panel

  • Andrew Simpson, as the independent member
  • Antti Pihlakoski, Council member

Athletics Integrity Unit Board

  • Abby Hoffman, Council member (non-voting member)