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WMRA announces 2024 World Cup calendar


Valsir Mountain Running World Cup (© Marco Gulberti)

A calendar featuring 13 races spanning 10 events and eight countries has been confirmed for the Valsir Mountain Running World Cup in 2024.

Competition kicks off in June, when runners will head to Lake Tahoe in California for the adrenaline-pumping Broken Arrow Skyrace. Two Gold label races will take place across three days, starting with the short uphill on Friday 21 June before the classic 23km on Sunday 23 June.

July offers a frenzied month of activity, with races scheduled almost every weekend. Revisiting familiar courses, 7 July sees the return of the Grossglockner Mountain Run in Austria, while 14 July marks a return to Castro-Daire, Portugal, for the fourth edition of the Montemuro Vertical Run.

The Montee du Nid d'Aigle, introduced to the World Cup circuit in 2021, remains part of the programme and takes place on 20 July. This visually stunning 20km, 1850m+ classic from Saint Gervais to Refuge du Nid d'Aigle presents athletes with a breathtaking backdrop of the Glacier du Bionnassay.

As July draws to a close, an old favorite rejoins the World Cup circuit with a visit to Giir di Mont for the tour of the 12 pastures above Premana in Italy. This grueling 32km race, alternating challenging ascents with equally demanding descents, is set to captivate spectators and the atmosphere at the top of the mountain is something special.

Then, 10 August marks the Sierre Zinal race, renowned for its challenging trails through the Swiss mountains. The Race of the Five 4000s draws top-tier talent every year.

September sees the World Cup landing in Casto in Italy, the hometown of Valsir, for the Vertical and Trofeo Nasego events. This tiny town in the Brescia prealps is poised to witness a showdown among the sport's elite.

Sky Gran Canaria enters for the second consecutive year hosting another Gold label race, and this year it is the longest of the entire season with its 44km 3344m+, 2453m- route on 22 September.

Just 10 days later, the focus shifts to Slovenia for the classic distance event at Smarna Gora.

Wrapping up the season, the final event takes place in Chiavena, Italy, continuing the tradition that commenced in 1986 as the inaugural officially recognised vertical kilometre.

This penultimate race on 12 October will ultimately determine the final podium positions after the preceding 12 races of the 2024 Valsir Mountain Running World Cup, leaving the Val Bregaglia Trail the following day to conclude the World Cup points tally. This is where the World Cup winners will be presented with their prizes.

As well as working in collaboration with esteemed mountain races worldwide, the World Cup’s continued partnership with Valsir has paved the way for several upgrades to this season's series. All Gold label races will have WADA-accredited anti-doping measures. In a bid to bolster athlete support, there will also be increases to travel assistance and the overall prize pool, with the Valsir World Cup champions set to claim €5000 in 2024.

WMRA for World Athletics

Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2024

21 June: Broken Arrow, USA, uphill Gold Label (6.8km, 954m+/-)
23 June: Broken Arrow Skyrace, USA, long Gold Label (23km, 1533m+/-)
7 July: Grossglockner Mountain Run, AUT, classic Gold Label (13.3km, 1300m+/183m-)

14 July: Montemuro Vertical Run, POR, classic Gold Label (10.4km, 1098m+/247m-)
20 July: La Montee du Nid D'Aigle, FRA,
classic Gold Label (20km, 1850m+/450m-)
28 July:
Giir di Mont, ITA, long Gold Label (32km, 2400m+/-)
10 August: Sierre Zinal, SUI, long Gold Label (31km, 2200m+ /1100m-)
31 August: Vertical Nasego, ITA, uphill Gold Label (4.2km, 1000m)
1 September: Trofeo Nasego, ITA, classic Gold Label (21.5km, 1336m+/1039m-)
22 September: Sky Gran Canaria, ESP, long Gold Label (44km, 3,344m+/2453m-)
5 October: Smarna Gora Race, SLO, classic Gold Label (10km, 710m+/350m-)
12 October: World Cup Final Lagunc KM Verticale, ITA, uphill Gold Label (3.2km, 1000m+)
13 October: World Cup Final Val Bregaglia Trail, ITA,
long Gold Label (23km, 900m+/1000m-)

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