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The New Normal: Life in the time of coronavirus


Karsten Warholm in action at Oslo's Impossible Games (© AFP / Getty Images)

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the World Athletics website has regularly shared stories and updates about how the athletics world is adjusting to and coping with the spread of Covid-19.

The new normal

Daily updates from a range of sources were provided from March through to the end of June on our 'new normal' reporting pages:
20-22 March | 23-25 March | 26-28 March | 29-31 March | 1-3 April | 4-8 April | 9-12 April | 13-17 April | 18-22 April | 23-28 April | 29 April - 3 May | 4-8 May | 9-13 May | 14-19 May | 20-24 May | 25-31 May | 1-7 June| 8-14 June | 15-21 June | 22-30 June

Areas in focus

Throughout June and July, we have taken a closer look at each continent through our 'area in focus' series, publishing features, interviews and news stories that cover all areas of the sport.


Oceania Area President Sapong: post-Covid-19, ‘I think we're going to come out stronger’

In unfamiliar surroundings, Young manages to balance school, training and lockdown while pursuing her athletics dreams

As lockdowns ease in Oceania, competitions begin gradual return

International events off the cards, but Oceania’s best athletes are preparing for domestic return

Postcards from Oceania



Asian Athletics President Al Hamad: ‘This pandemic has underlined the importance of caring for one another’

Easing out of lockdown, Indian athletes begin to look ahead

Despite lockdown restrictions, coaching education and elearning initiatives flourish in Asia

Glimmers of hope for Asia’s leading athletes as they prepare to return to competition

Postcards from Asia



Karamarinov: ‘I never cease to be amazed by the strength of our athletes’

Helcelet: the decathlon’s international man of history

With lockdowns easing, Europe's athletes eager to get back on track

Parellis leading Cyprus’s Olympic ambitions

Postcards from Europe



CAA President Kalkaba Malboum: ‘We’re working to ensure that athletics in Africa can survive similar disasters in future’

Coronavirus pandemic puts Nigeria's Olympic hopefuls’ aspirations on pause

For Kenyan sprinter Odhiambo, lockdown is almost business as usual

Africa’s sprinters navigate the pandemic ahead of the Tokyo Olympics

Postcards from Africa



NACAC President Sands: ‘The pandemic is far from over, so we are adapting quickly’

Canadian Olympians taking Covid-19 restrictions in stride

For Nilsen, life after lockdown means resuming Duplantis chase

NACAC athletes find motivation and new appreciation for life in times of Covid-19

Postcards from North America, Central America and the Caribbean



ConSudAtle President Helio Gesta de Melo: ‘The impact in our region has been really, really hard’

Athletes rely on resourcefulness as coronavirus continues to impact South American athletics

String of lockdowns and postponements delay Romani's Olympic ambitions

After injuries and quarantine, Casetta once again inspired to push for Olympic qualification

Postcards from South America


Strategy For Growth

At the end of June, World Athletics published its four-year strategic plan: Strategy For Growth. Designed to harness the power and accessibility of athletics to drive growth in the sport and create a healthier and fitter world, the plan plots out the direction athletics will take over the next four years and the short-term challenges and opportunities the sport has as the world begins to emerge from lockdown.

Read more about it here.

Strategy For Growth