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Lifestyle13 Jun 2020

Athletics@Home – risotto funghi e pancetta

Risottos, or I should say ‘risotti’, are a terrific food for athletes and one of my favourite dishes.

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Lifestyle30 May 2020

Athletics@Home - sushi

Sushi is the most exquisite, sophisticated and beautiful art, made into food form.

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Lifestyle23 May 2020

Athletics@Home – refreshing elderflower cordial

High summer is nearly upon us in the UK, from where I am writing, and nothing heralds its arrival quite like the flowers of the elder tree.

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Lifestyle16 May 2020

Athletics@Home - crunchy granola

If you’re training hard and are physically active, chances are you will be hungry often!

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Lifestyle11 Apr 2020

Recipe: healthy cakes

Mara Yamauchi finished sixth in the marathon at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, won the 2008 Osaka International Women's Marathon, and earned the 10,000m bronze medal at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

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