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News29 Sep 2022

The next normal: re-imagining running and running events


Panel discussion at the 2019 Global Running Conference in Lanzhou

The second World Athletics Global Running Conference, 'The Next Normal. Re-imagining Running and Running Events', is to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, between 1-3 December 2022.

Thematic strand #1

RUNNING WHY? What it means to be a runner today

Runners’ value sets and needs and how they have evolved through time
Similarities/differences between running motivators across cultures and generations
Findings from the latest market research into recreational running
Clubs and communities: modes of aggregation in mature and emerging running markets
’Spiritual but not affiliated’: are more and more runners choosing not to sign up for races?
The 70s. The 00s. The mid-10s. What defines a "running boom" and when’s the next one (now?)
The ultrarunner’s mindset: why it’s hip to go the distance 
Short and sweet: road miles as an entry gate to the sport?
The hyper-quantified self: how the monitoring of everything is changing how we practice and enjoy running

Thematic strand #2

RUNNING WHERE? The sport and its spaces 

The state of trail running
Destination races, and the state of participation sports tourism
Urban landscapes for runners: designing the best race course
The other 364 days: making cities fit for runners
Winning the fear of local communities: the benefits of running events for the non-running population
Beyond economic impact: introducing the social impact
Pro-running policies and their effects on public health outcomes
Go natural: behind the global explosion of trail running
Virtual races: three years on, where are we?
The event hosting pipeline: from local event to world championships

Thematic strand #3

RUNNING HOW? Modes of organisation and participation in running events

Failing and thriving business models for mass participation events going forward: what have these past three years taught us?
Marketing a mass participation event in 2023
Public sector involvement in running events: comparing models
Race ownership trends: consolidation vs extreme fragmentation
Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion
All in the same boat? How the pandemic hurt some races more than others
The elephant in the room: pricing races in a world where everything is more expensive
The impact of Web3 on the mass participation sporting events industry 
Sport volunteering cultures across the world and the expected developments of the volunteering landscape
The imperative of sustainability and its cross-geographic interpretations
The impact of climate change on running events
The great resignation and the shortage of everything: how to overcome staffing and supply chain issues

Further information, including details on event packages for road race organisers, can be found on the event invite.

Registration to open after 5 October

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