Welcome to the World Academy for Endurance Medicine


The World Academy for Endurance Medicine objective is to upskill healthcare professionals overseeing medical support at World Athletics Label Road Races and other mass-participation endurance events through education and training around the world.






What is the World Academy for Endurance Medicine?

The World Academy for Endurance Medicine aims to be a global leader in endurance and race emergency medicine.

It was created in 2022 as a joint venture between the World Athletics Health & Science Department and the International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM), its missions are to safeguard the health and well-being of athletes and to provide educational support to the medical road-running community.


Developed by experts from the field around the globe, the World Academy for Endurance Medicine offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to deliver quality medical leadership at mass-participation endurance events by introducing them to standardised medical concepts, procedures, and protocols in race medicine. Education is provided through eLearning, courses and conferences.


The program has been implemented by more than 200 mass-participation endurance events and has reached a cumulative audience of more than 500 medical staff and volunteers.


Who is it for?


The Academy supports a community of: 

  • Race Medical Directors of World Athletics Label Road Races certification is required every three years as part of their continuing medical education.
  • Medical Directors, medical staff, and volunteers of mass-participation endurance races, spanning various sports such as running, cycling, triathlon... through enrolment in our membership program.


Join us!


Join the ever-growing global membership of the World Academy for Endurance Medicine and be part of a community dedicated to advancing standards in endurance medicine.