News09 Nov 2021

Get Started with Making Tracks


Get Started With Making Tracks!


Is this your first time hearing about the World Athletics Championships? New to the sport of track and field? Interested in Making Tracks but not sure where to begin? We’ve put together a few recommendations and tips for where to start and how to use our resources!


Start With An Overview

Before jumping into all available activities available in the Activity Library, we recommend first downloading and looking at our Introduction to World Athletics Championships Oregon22 book. Reading the short book with your students is a great way to set the scene and generate interest and excitement for further exploring the sport of track and field and the World Athletics Championships with specific activities. We have three versions of the book available:

6th grade and up- download

3rd-5th grade- download

K-2nd grade- download


Learn More About the Sport

Many of our available activities will refer to specific events of track and field. It can be helpful to familiarize your students with all of the different events that make up the sport of track and field before picking an activity. Once you know more about the events, you can also search for activities that engage with a specific event group depending on what your students are excited about. Find a complete overview of the event groups and events here!


Use the Searchable Activity Library

Now you’re warmed up and ready to go! Find all of our lesson plan ideas/do-it-yourself activity guides on the Activity Library page. Explore all available content or use the filters to target your search. Don’t forget that we’ll be adding additional content on a rolling basis! You’ll need to sign up when prompted (or sign in if you already created your account) in order to view and download the full activity documents.


Make It Your Own

In each lesson plan/activity guide we’ve included some ideas and tips for ways to adapt the activity, but there is no wrong way to get your students active, inquisitive, or inspired! Adapt, shorten, or combine our resources to create what works best for your group or teaching goals. Many of the concepts introduced in these activities can be applied to different subject areas or skills. Let us know how you are using Making Tracks! Send us an email to share a success story or a great idea with the teaching community. We are compiling stories, ideas, and advice to add to a teacher-to-teacher section of the website in the near future.