Press Release06 Jun 2024

World Athletics publishes updated Safeguarding Policy



World Athletics has published a revised version of its Safeguarding Policy, reflecting the progress that has been made since 2022.

This progress includes various initiatives to help advance safeguarding, such as the online Safeguarding Essentials course and the safeguarding activities that took place at the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23.

Launched in 2021, the World Athletics Safeguarding Policy is designed to ensure that those in positions of authority in athletics adopt practices that actively prevent harassment, abuse and exploitation within the sport.

Major changes to the Safeguarding Policy include a deadline of the end of December 2024 for Area Associations to adopt their own safeguarding policies and procedures. This is in addition to the obligation on Member Federations to have adopted the same by December 2023. Additionally, the Safeguarding Policy now makes provision for the World Athletics Council to consider imposing sanctions on Member Federations and Area Associations who do not have their own safeguarding policy and procedures in place.

Further to the adoption of the World Athletics Safeguarding Rules in 2023, the Safeguarding Policy has also been amended to remove and replace previous references to the Integrity Code, with the Safeguarding Rules now in place.

The World Athletics Safeguarding Policy is founded on the principles that everyone has the right to participate and enjoy athletics in a safe and inclusive environment, that everyone has the right to have their voice heard in raising welfare and behavioural issues, and that everyone involved in planning and delivering programmes for children is responsible for the care and protection of those children.

It defines the specific roles and responsibilities of Member Federations, Area Associations and World Athletics in protecting athletes and other participants in our sport.

“The first World Athletics Safeguarding Policy was published in October 2021 and has been reviewed by the Safeguarding Task Force and Council twice. This third edition of our Safeguarding Policy sets out the commitment of World Athletics to protect everyone in our sport from abuse, harassment and exploitation and promote safe and positive environments for athletes, coaches, officials, staff and volunteers,” said World Athletics President Sebastian Coe.

“The goal of increased and sustained participation in athletics will only be achieved by taking safeguarding seriously, prioritising it within our organisations and embedding it in our working practices. Without safeguarding woven into every aspect of our sport, we risk losing athletes, officials and other participants, and will struggle to attract new ones.”

World Athletics, its Area Associations and Member Federations will continue to work together to implement the policy, working closely with the World Athletics Athletes’ Commission.

The revised Safeguarding Policy has been published on the World Athletics website today (6 June).

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