Day 366: 7 March

For the last four years, Stephanie Hauser had plenty of reasons to focus on the worst case scenario.

In January 2019, the mom of four gave birth to her son, Zev, at 23 weeks gestation. Weighing just one pound, four ounces, he was given a 1 percent chance of survival through birth. Even if he survived, doctors told the family his quality of life would be severely limited.

But Zev beat the odds time and time again, a persistence never more apparent than on Sunday, September 10, when the now four-year-old ran alongside his mother during a short portion of an ultra run celebrating his survival.

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Day 365: 6 March

Athletics runs deep in the veins of the Christie family. It’s the shared heartbeat that connects Christine and Caitlin, transforming their familial bonds into a unique relationship molded by their shared dedication to the sport.

The mother-daughter duo from Ballarat have skyrocketed up the ranks of Australia’s national technical officials to become World Athletics Silver referees, but it is their story of how a common passion can turn challenges into milestones and shared experiences into lasting memories that resonates most.

The journey to the heart of athletics began with a simple, family-oriented act, as Christine introduced her kids to the sport that she fell in love with in high school.

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Day 364: 5 March

Female athletes reached new heights, distances, and speeds at the World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow 24 (1-3 March) setting records and reaching historic milestones in the process.

For the first time ever at a global athletics championships, women outnumbered men on the field of play. In Glasgow, women accounted for 50.8% of all participants (298 of the 586 in total).

Women also led the way in terms of performances. Two world indoor records were broken during the championships, both by women: Femke Bol in the 400m and Devynne Charlton in the 60m hurdles.

Women also accounted for three of the five championship records, seven of the 10 area records, and 50 of the 93 personal bests. They also had a higher average result scores (1121 for women, 1094 for men).

Even in the workforce at the championships, 11 of the 15 functional area leads were women, which accounts for 75% of the local organising committee’s leadership.

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Day 363: 4 March

Some of the world’s leading athletes and coaches will come together for a three-day Coaches’ Club during the World Athletics Indoor Championships Glasgow 24.

The event includes a session dedicated to 'raising our game in coaching female athletes and highlighting the world of elite female coaches'.

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Day 362: 3 March

Shericka Jackson, Faith Kipyegon and Sha'Carri Richardson are among the athletes nominated for the Sportswoman of the Year honour in this year’s Laureus World Sports Awards.

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Day 361: 2 March

As she prepared to challenge for a world indoor title to go along with her world indoor record, Devynne Charlton reflected on her Bahamian roots and mused: “I kinda owe my existence to track and field.”

It might have taken the girl from Nassau a mere 7.67 seconds to make her way into the world record books in New York on 11 February, but she has a keen appreciation of the grand sweep of time and circumstance that put her in such an elevated position.

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Day 360: 1 March

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