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The hectic life of a world champ


Chanelle Price Will Leer World Relays

She was captain of the victorious US team at the World Relays – setting a national 4x800m record en route to beating Kenya – and in March she won world indoor 800m gold. None of this comes easy for Chanelle Price, who tells SPIKES about a typical day in her life.  

“I get up every morning at 6am and the first thing I do is say a prayer to God. I don’t leave myself a lot of time to get ready on a morning. 

“I might grab an energy bar and some water, and I’m often out of the door by 6.20am for the ten-minute car journey to the university campus [the University of Tennessee, the college where she graduated and still trains] by 6.30am. 

“I normally go for a tempo or an easy run of about four miles around the college campus – this could be on grass - and then I’ll be back and start a weights session by around 7.30am.

“I undergo a pretty rigorous weights regime, which would include a range of exercises including squats, bench press, push-ups, pull-ups. I’m doing these in greater quantity than I’ve ever done before. 

“I walk out of there at around 8.30am feeling pretty fatigued, but I’ve definitely noticed the difference in my speed and muscle strength. I recently set a PR of 235 lbs (106 kg) for the back squat, which I’m very excited about.”  


US 4x800 World Relays


The US girls celebrate victory and a new US 4x800m record at World Relays


“I’ll then grab some breakfast of some fruit and a bagel from the restaurant area available for us on the campus. 

“Next I’m off to work as a sales assistant at a health shop between 10am-3pm. I try to keep off my feet as much as possible, but I don’t like to sit on a chair too much because I obviously like to help my co-workers out as much as possible. 

“I might grab a turkey sandwich or a leftover dinner of say, chicken, rice and salad from the night before. 

“I’ll then return to the campus to start my track session from around 3.30pm until 5pm. This will be followed by a cool down and stretching, and I’ll often grab some dinner on the go before I start my second part-time job.

“My parents are very good. They send me $25 cards for Subway, knowing how often I’m on the run for dinner!

“From 6.30pm I work three hours as a mentor for some of the other students. At the moment I’m working with the female basketball players and football players. I help them try to manage their time better because a lot of them don’t know how to. I try to give them a better balance in their life.

“I will be home by 10pm, where I might watch TV for half an hour before bed. I love Modern Family. It’s hilarious. I’m then in bed by 10.30pm and with the day I’ve had, I normally have no problem sleeping.” 

Watch Chanelle Price lead the US 4x800m relay to victory at the World Relays below:




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