Spikes12 Jul 2013

Track and field fashion: Will Claye jumps to it


Will Claye Olympics

SPIKES finds out about double US Olympic jumps medallist Will Claye’s passion for fashion, and which other athletes would be a hit (or miss) on the catwalk.

We heard you’ve started you own clothing line, tell us more…

"Yes, it is called deve nir – which means ‘become’ in French. I was tired of spending so much money on clothes, so I decided to make my own. I want it to become something really good. 

"My first designs are due out in September and they will be available online. I’m also trying to get them into to a few fashion shows. My clothes will be clean cut in a European style. We are working on shirts and I hope my next line will include suits."

When did you interest in fashion start?

"My parents always made sure I looked presentable. I’m not too much into wearing brand names. If I like it, I like it. I feel dressing is like an art. I like nothing better than putting on my music going into my closet and putting on a few clothes. It makes me feel good."

Do you have a favourite label?

"Deve nir [laughs]. I really like Givenchy. They do some abstract things with their clothing. No-one else does the type of things that they do and if they do it others often follow. They really do out the box things. I think that is really cool."

What is your favourite item of clothing?

“I like to dress up and wear suits. Men look best in suits. That’s when they look their cleanest. I like to wear Joseph A. Bank suits.”

Okay, what about your favourite piece of athletics kit?

"I like the long distance running shorts. I always have a pair with me. When I compete in them my legs feel so free, it is like I don’t have anything on!"

What is the most expensive item you’ve ever purchased?

"Probably a trenchcoat. I was at the Super Bowl. It was really cold. How much was it? It was over $1000."

Did you buy yourself a clothing treat after winning your two Olympic medals in London?

"No, but I did buy a car. Originally, I bought a Mercedes Benz but a friend of mine got into an accident with it and I traded it in for a Jeep Wrangler."

Who are athletics three most fashionable athletes?

"Jason Richardson, because he is similar to me and a good dresser. Queen Harrison because she dresses how she wants to and doesn’t follow the crowd and Tony McQuay, who dresses in good fitting European clothing."

What is the worst thing you’ve ever worn?

"When I was aged about 15 a friend gave me a pair of Beau jeans. They were so baggy. I wish I had a picture of them. They were not a good sight."

Who is the worst dressed athlete in track and field?

"Wallace Spearmon. I really like Wallace. He’s cool. But I’m going to have to take him shopping one day. He just doesn’t put it together well.”