Spikes22 Jul 2015

Words of Wisdom – Sultana Frizell


Sultana Frizell

Two-time Commonwealth hammer throw gold medallist Sultana Frizell has just added another medal to her collection after winning Pan-American Games bronze in Toronto on Tuesday (21/07). The former figure skating Canadian shares her words of wisdom.

1. Be prepared

“What’s in your carry on? The answer should always be competition gear, game day shoes, and extra undies! That’s right – a seasoned athlete knows that if your trusted airline of choice decided to leave your luggage on the tarmac of your departure city, you are still ready for anything.

“I was left stranded in Portugal this season without my checked luggage for six days. However, the smartie pants that I am, I made sure my throwing shoes, hammer glove, and bathing suit made it into the overhead compartment.”

Sultana Frizell

Frizell retained her Commonwealth title in Glasgow last year

2. Push harder

“If you think you are trying… try harder. In every aspect of your life; whether it is training, competing, or selling your soul to the devil that is sponsorship, the common thread that all elite athletes possess is the passion and drive to do what it takes to get the job done.

“Even if the job means making a noodle commercial to pay the bills, then you chuck those noodles just like Koji Murofushi did!”

Sultana Frizell

Pants down, hood up. That's how she rolls.

3. Play by the rules

“Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Every day! WADA is our anti-doping body, who make sure our sport is the cleanest it can be and I respect the heck out of that.

“Now, with that being said, WADA gets a peep show whenever they want. Being a national team member of Athletics Canada since 2007, I have gladly whipped my pants down to share a bathroom stall with many members of WADA because you know what? I pee fair to play fair!”