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Stat and Field 2016


Olympic 2016 Stats

The Rio 2016 athletics programme gets under way on Friday. To help get your stats glands glistening, we bring you all the numbers that matter ahead of the Olympics' main attraction.


Capacity of the Estadio Olimpico Joao Havelange, the venue for athletics events. The stadium was first built to host the 2007 Pan American Games.


Year work started on Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue. Two years later, at Paris 1924, Brazil competed in athletics events at the Olympics for the first time.


Years between oldest (Bernard Lagat, 41, 10,000m) and youngest (Sydney McLaughlin, 17, 400m hurdles) members of the USA track and field team.


Women are entered to compete in both the 100m and long jump. Name them! (Answers at bottom.)

Rio Stats Sprint Long Jump


Olympic appearances made by Jesús Ángel García. He is set to make his seventh appearance in Rio in the 50km race walk, having competed in every edition since his debut at Barcelona 1992. His best finish was fourth at Beijing 2008.


Triple jump contests lost by Caterine Ibarguen since her silver medal at London 2012. She was victorious in the other 35. In Rio she bids to win Colombia’s first ever track and field Olympic gold medal.


Brazilian athletes are ranked in the top ten of the 2016 lists in their respective individual events. Name them!


Gold medals will be awarded in athletics at Rio 2016. No other sport offers more than the 141 total available in track and field.

Rio Stats Gold Medals


Olympic medals won by Merlene Ottey, which is the record for women. Veronica Campbell-Brown has won seven and is entered for the 200m and 4x100m.


Individual world record holders are scheduled to compete in athletics events. Name them!


Times Thomas Rohler would have to throw his javelin world lead (91.28m) to span the full distance of the Copacabana Beach’s 2.2mile length.

Rio Stats Javelin Beach 2


Gold medals won by the USA’s men’s 4x400m team. America has contested the event at 21 editions of Olympics, failing to medal on only two occassions.


Athletes Great Britain have named in their relay squads.


Height (in metres) cleared by Brazilian pole vaulter Fabiana Murer on 3rd July. It was a South American record for the 2011 world champion and stands as the second best clearance by any athlete this year.

Rio Stats Countries


Countries represented by the 2377 athletes due to compete in track and field events.


Members of the ten strong Refugee Team will compete in athletics in Rio. They are Yonas Kinde (marathon), James Chiengjiek (400m), Angeline Nadai Lohalith (1500m), Paulo Amotun Lokoro (1500m), Rose Nathike Lokonyen (800m) and Yiech Pur Biel (800m).

Upside down answer time!

Sprint/long jumpers: qlǝssᴉuƃ Oʞɐƃqɐɹǝ' Nפɹ; ┴ᴉɐuuɐ qɐɹʇolǝʇʇɐ' ∩S∀

Brazil's top tenners: ┴ɥᴉɐƃo qɹɐz pɐ Sᴉlʌɐ' dolǝ ʌɐnlʇ; Ǝɹᴉɔɐ pǝ Sǝuɐ' ɹɐɔǝ ʍɐlʞ; Ⅎɐqᴉɐuɐ Wnɹǝɹ' dolǝ ʌɐnlʇ; Mɐƃuǝɹ poɯᴉuƃos' ɥɐɯɯǝɹ ʇɥɹoʍ

World record holders: ∩sɐᴉu qolʇ' pɐʌᴉp ɹnpᴉsɥɐ' ɹǝuɐnp ˥ɐʌᴉllǝuᴉǝ' ∀sɥʇou Ǝɐʇou' ⅄oɥɐuu pᴉuᴉz' פǝuzǝqǝ pᴉqɐqɐ' ┴ᴉɹnuǝsɥ pᴉqɐqɐ' ∀uᴉʇɐ Mlopɐɹɔzʎʞ' qɐɹqoɹɐ Sdoʇɐʞoʌɐ' ˥ᴉn Houƃ