Spikes20 May 2015

Words of Wisdom – Ihab El Sayed


Ihab El Sayed

Egypt’s Ihab Abdelrahman El Sayed was the world’s number one javelin thrower last year. The 2014 Continental Cup winner gives us his words of wisdom.

1. Know your block

“Technically I know I have a bit of a problem with the block – the motion which helps convert the horizontal movement into a more vertical or diagonal force. I have a problem in that my left-hand is often open rather than closed.

“I know to be able to throw over 90m I need to be able to fix this. To do a good block I must not open too early as it stops me using the power in my hand.”

Ihab El Sayed

El Sayed won African junior champs bronze in 2007 and world junior champs silver in 2008

2. Prehab works

“During an earlier stage of my career I had many problems with my back. To counter this, in 2011 I started to do daily exercises to make it stronger [AKA prehabilitation]. Since 2011 I have had no problems with my back.

“Last season I had an ankle problem. After the Continental Cup I started to do exercises on my ankle to improve stability. Prehab exercises are vital to avoid injury.”

Ihab Abdelrahman El Sayed, winner of the javelin at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Paris

The Petteri Piironen-trained Egyptian won 2014 Diamond League meets at Paris and Shanghai, the latter with a world-leading 89.21m PB

3. Rest better

“The Egyptian culture is to go to bed very late, at 3am or 4am in the morning or even later. I have tried very hard to go to bed at 11pm or midnight but it is not easy for me.

“Yet I know when I do go to bed earlier I get eight or nine hours sleep. As an athlete the extra rest is good for me and helps my training.”