Spikes05 Jan 2023

Elections 2023


Athletes' Commission (© World Athletics)

Ahead of the 2023 Athletes' Commission Elections, World Athletics is calling for candidates to put their names forward for election.

Elections to the World Athletics Athletes’ Commission will be held during the first five days of the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23, due to take place from 19-27 August. Six seats will be available for election.

The candidacy rules set out the procedures and required conduct of candidates seeking election to the Athletes’ Commission and in accordance with these rules, the Election Oversight Panel has issued the following material in support of the elections in both English and French:

  • Candidate pack containing all relevant information concerning the elections; and
  • Candidate nomination form to be completed by candidates and Member Federations.

This material can also be found for download in the Library section of the World Athletics website.

Athletes interested in becoming candidates must first apply to the Vetting Panel before 16 March 2023 and be declared eligible in order to be nominated by their Member Federation.

The deadline for receiving nominations from all Member Federations is 16 May 2023.

Before applying for vetting and filling in the nomination form, Member Federations and their prospective candidates should have a good understanding of the vetting and candidacy rules, and the election process.

To be eligible to stand for the 2023 elections, every athlete must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Be a current member of their Member Federation (or a body affiliated to the Member Federation, such as a club);
  • Be nominated by a Member Federation that is not currently represented on the Athletes’ Commission;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Have competed in at least one of the last two World Athletics Championships, or in the last Olympic Games, or be a competitor in the World Athletics Championships at which the election is being held;
  • Be able to speak and understand English reasonably well; and
  • Be eligible in accordance with the World Athletics Vetting Rules (Book B: B3.2 - Vetting Rules).

The list of final candidates standing for election will be published on 1 August 2023, which is also the commencement date of the campaign period.