Mihály Iglói


Mihaly Igloi - Heritage

Plaque name: Mihály Iglói

Location: Hungarian Athletics Association, House of Hungarian Sports, Budapest, Istvánmezei út 1-3, 1146 Hungary

Plaque awarded: 14/04/2023

Reason: Plaque Category – Legend


In his time as a track coach at the celebrated Honved Sports Club in the Kispest district of Budapest, Mihaly Igloi developed into one of the finest middle and long distance running gurus of all-time.

Igloi, who was born in Hungary’s capital city in 1908, was the driving force behind Tabori, Sandor Iharos, Istvan Rozsavolyi, the ‘Magnificent Magyar’ middle distance trio who made a major mark on the world record book in the mid-1950s.

His influence, however, spread beyond his homeland. Under his guidance, the US runner Jim Beatty became the first sub four-minute miler indoors in 1962 and the fast-finishing Bob Schul, also of the USA, won Olympic 5000m gold in Tokyo two years later.


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