Giro Podistico di Castelbuono


Giro di Castelbuono, start 1964 (© loc)

Plaque name: Giro Podistico di Castelbuono

Location: Via Umberto 36, Castelbuono, Sicily, Italy , 90013

Plaque awarded: 03/10/2020

Reason: Plaque Category - Competition

This annual race takes place in Castelbuono, Sicily on 26 July, St. Anne’s Day, who is the patron saint of the town. The start and finish are located in Piazza Margherita in the centre, where there’s an ancient Church called ‘Madrice Vecchia’. The course runs through the historic heart of Castelbuono, along a circuit repeated 10 times for a total of 11,340km.

At the beginning in 1912, the competition was called ‘La maratonina dei 10 giri’. It was created by the Associazione Sport Club Nebrodese led by Vincenzo Cicero, Totò Guzio e Giovanni Lupo.

From 1937 to the 1970's was organised by Totò Spallino, who with his two friends Silvestro Zito and Guido Mitra, helped to make the race nationally important.

Since the 1990's the race has attracted many of the world's best long distance runners including Khalid Khannouchi, Paul Tergat, Martin Lel and many more.

Since 2016 the race has been organised by the Gruppo Atletico Polisportivo Castelbuonese.

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