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The World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 is excited to be the first World Athletics Championship to embrace the World Athletics Sustainability Strategy and to become a pioneer of the Athletics for a Better World Standard which advises and evaluates an event on its sustainable delivery. 


The Local Organising Committee is driven by two overarching legacy goals:


  • to create a health and wellbeing legacy by motivating Hungarians to be more active through the incentive programmes linked to World Athletics Championships Budapest 23. Thousands of people will be participating in the “Everyday Heroes” sporting events leading up to the Championships, receiving substantial ticket discounts as a reward. We hope that these participants will continue with their new habit of being physically active and leading a healthier lifestyle.
  • To create a tangible urban regeneration legacy. ‘Going from brownfield site to green oases’ describes the development of the new National Athletics Centre which will serve as a competition and training facility in the future as well as a new green park and recreational area for the local community to enjoy. The stadium features modern environmental solutions such as a geothermal heating and cooling system and energy efficient lighting. The facility is also on its way to receiving the international BREEAM sustainability certification. 


National Athletics Centre visual plan



The World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 has a sustainability strategy embedded in all aspects of the organisation. The priorities include:


Supporting urban forest regeneration projects that enhance the recreational opportunities of the local communities of Budapest and at the same time improve the resiliency of the natural environment against climate change. In partnership with the Pilisi Parkerdő forestry company, the first phase of the project took place on the 8th of May in the 20th District of Budapest where 40 trees were planted commemorating 40th anniversary of World Athletics' first World Outdoor Championships in 1983. Working closely with World Athletics, the second phase of the forestation is planned for the 2023 Autumn planting season when we intend to create the first World Athletics Championships Legacy Forest to set an example to future organisers.


WA CEO, Jon Ridgeon attended WCH23 tree planting ceremony.



Implementing a comprehensive waste management programme using the “reduce, reuse, recycle” principles by focusing on reducing single use plastics and to work with suppliers and partners to increase the recycling rate through selective waste management including reverse vending machines at the venues.


Promoting green transportation and improving air quality by encouraging the use of public transportation and a shared mobility city-bike system. Through partnership with the Budapest Public Transportation Company (BKK), free public transportation will be provided to teams and volunteers. Ticket discounts will also be available to spectators travelling to the event by rail or long-distance bus. The National Athletics Centre will also join the World Athletics Air Quality Project, a growing network of locations where air quality monitors are installed to help gather scientific data that is critical in both identifying sources of local air pollution and in finding the best solutions to combat it.


Increasing accessibility, diversity and inclusion through extensive ticket discounts and cooperations with civil organisations. Our Goodwill Program with the Civil Roads Foundation will provide the opportunity to thousands of individuals, including those with large families, children in foster care and people with disabilities, to attend the competitions for free. The volunteer programme includes 2500 people of all ages and backgrounds and is an important contributor to increasing diversity, capacity building and inter-generational cooperation as part of the organising committee’s social sustainability goals.


World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 Goodwill Programme



Raising public awareness of sustainability issues and increasing sustainable practices through educational activities, games, communication campaigns and the involvement of world class athletes as green ambassadors. The Green Zone area in the Stadium Park will be a joint project of the Local Organising Committee and World Athletics to create a fun gathering place for spectators, families and event partners interested in the sustainability aspects of athletics.