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World Athletics U20 Championships, Cali 2022

Qualification System and Entry Standards 



The Qualification System is based on the following principles:

  • Entry Standards as per below table:

  • No Entry Standard for Relays

  • Qualification period starting on 1 October of the previous year and running until three weeks before the competition

  • Target numbers by event as per table below: 


Target number Men Event Women Target number
64 10.60 100m 11,90 64
64 21.40 200m 24.40 64
56 47,60 400m 55,20 56
48 1: 51,00 800m 2: 09.00 48
45 3: 48.50 1500m 4: 29.00 45
20 8: 15.00 3000m 9: 32.00 20
18 14: 15.00 5000m 16: 40.00 18
30 9: 08.00 3000m SC 10: 36.00 30
56 14.20 110m H / 100m H 14.20 56
56 53,20 400m H 1: 01.00 56
34 43: 50.00 10,000m Race Walk 50: 40.00 34
28 2.15 High Jump 1,81 28
28 5,05 Pole Vault 4.05 28
28 7.55 Long Jump 6.12 28
28 15.55 Triple Jump 12,85 28
28 18.20 Shot Put 14,50 28
28 56,50 Discus Throw 48,50 28
28 68.30 Hammer Throw 57,50 28
28 69,00 Javelin Throw 50,00 28
    Heptathlon 5300 24
24 7050 Decathlon    
24 Sin estándar 4x100m Relay Sin estándar 24
24 Sin estándar 4x100m Relay Sin estándar 24
24 Sin estándar 4x400m Relay Mixed 4x400m Relay Mixed 4x400m Relay Mixed


Entry Rules

  • Only athletes aged 16, 17, 18 or 19 on 31 December 2022 (born in 2006, 2005, 2004 or 2003) may compete. The maximum number of events in which a Youth athlete (born in 2005 or 2006) can compete is two individual events plus one of the relays. If the two individual events are Track Events, only one of these may be longer than 200m.

  • A maximum of two athletes from any one Member can compete in each event (with the exception of the Relays).

  • Three athletes can initially be entered per event, provided each has achieved the Entry Standard, but only two will be allowed to compete.

  • Members who have no male and/or female qualified athletes whom they wish to enter in any Championships event, may enter one unqualified male athlete OR one unqualified female athlete in one event of the Championships (except the Field Events (see below), Combined Events, 5000m and 3000m Steeplechase).

  • Members who have no male and/or no female qualified athlete but whose best athlete excels in a Field Event, may submit to World Athletics, by the time of the Preliminary Entry deadline, the name of their athlete plus performance they would like to enter in the Field Event. The Technical Delegates will make the final decision and, to do so, may seek the opinion of the relevant Area Association.

  • If the host country of the World U20 Championships does not have an athlete qualified in an event, it may enter one athlete in these events regardless of any entry standard.

  • Every Member may enter one team for each relay race, composed by a maximum of six athletes. Any four athletes among those entered for the competition, whether for the relay or for any other event, may then be used in the composition of the team for the first round.

  1. Conditions for Validity of Performances

    • All performances must be achieved during the period 1 October 2021 to 18 July 2022.

    • All performances must be achieved during an official competition organised in conformity with World

      Athletics Rules.

    • All performances must be achieved during competitions organised or sanctioned by World Athletics, its

      Area Associations or its Member Federations. Thus, results achieved at school competitions must be

      certified by the Member Federation of the country in which the competition was organised.

    • Performances achieved in mixed competitions in track events will not be accepted. Exceptionally, in accordance with Rule 9 of the Technical Rules, performances achieved in events of 5000m may be

      accepted in circumstances where there were insufficient athletes of one or both genders competing to justify the conduct of separate races and there was no pacing or assistance given by an athlete(s) of one gender to an athlete(s) of the other gender. In this case, a specific request must be submitted to World Athletics before the end of the qualification period. For Race Walks the results will always be accepted.

    • Wind assisted performances (over 2m/sec) will not be accepted.

    • Indoor performances will be accepted.

    • Hand-timed performances for events up to and including 800m will not be accepted.

    • For Race Walks:

      • -  road performances will be accepted

      • -  results of races conducted using the penalty zone will be accepted

    • For the running events of 200m and over, performances achieved on over-sized indoor tracks will be accepted.