News25 Jul 2010

Men's Triple Jump final - Flash Interviews



I don’t know [how I’m feeling] - it’s not a simple question. I don’t feel real right now. I did my job well, I think.

The main problem was the negative wind. I can jump more than I jumped today. But I was the best today, and I think that’s the main thing.

It’s great, it’s excellent. There are no words to tell [how I feel].

My father is my main coach. Tomorrow is his birthday and my victory is my main gift to him.

[Next], I hope to compete in an international match between the USA, Germany, China, and the Russian Federation. But the World Junior Championships was the main start of this season.

I want to give a great thanks to my parents, relatives, coaches and to all Canadian fans and to the organizing committee. And I want to say that this track is very fast and the organization of this competition was very great.

Ernesto REVÉ (CUB) - SILVER MEDAL - 16.47m

I feel great. I wish I could have won the gold, but winning the silver is good enough, so I’m returning to Cuba happy.

I was happy to get it (his longest jump) early, that’s the way it goes. I wish I could have done more, but I’m very happy and satisfied.

(The wind) was difficult, but it was the same for everybody, and so I’m happy that I was able to overcome it and win the silver medal.

It was great, this is a lovely place, a lovely city and I had a great time.

[On what was written on his shoes] It’s the signatures of all my friends.


From the beginning, I felt I had it, that I was going to get a PR but the wind was a big factor for me so I couldn’t really pull it through. (It was a) really heavy wind.

I ended off with a better jump than I started with. It made me happy. I feel good about it.

The experience was great. I’ve been trying to get here for about three years now so just getting here made me feel good. I’ve been injured, I almost had a near death experience. It’s amazing. It makes me feel good.

I made my family proud. I made the USA proud. Anybody I could make proud, I made proud - most of all just me.

After this I’ve got the summer then back in for indoors back in the U.S.


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