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Half-Marathon Relay Race


The inaugural World Athletics Road Running Championships, which will take place on 1 October 2023 in Riga, Latvia, will crown the world Half-Marathon champions, and will see thousands of amateur runners from at least 100 countries competing alongside elite runners.


And in addition to the existing distances – 21 km, 5 km, and the mile – we're introducing a new distance, the half-marathon relay (10.2 km + 10.9 km), which allows two friends, colleagues, family members, or acquaintances to complete the full half-marathon distance by each running half of it (10,2 km + 10,9 km). 


The first participant runs ≈ 10.2 km from the start of the half-marathon to the Dailes Theatre, while the second ≈ 10.9 km from the Dailes Theatre relay swap point to the half-marathon finish on the waterfront.


Start times for the half-marathon relay race:


Sunday, October 1

14:15 - Half Marathon Relay Mass Race (*start time for the first runner)


*The start time of the second runners depends on the pace of the first runners during the race.


Get to know the World Half-Marathon Championships course below and make sure to check out the rest of the courses as well - the Road Mile and the 5 km. Wouldn’t it be great to run all of them in Riga?


Half-Marathon Relay course in pictures

Do you need to know the names of both runners straight away when registering?


Participants' names can be added to the created profile until September 30!


How will the run go?


The first runner starts the relay run from a half-marathon start and runs to the Dailes Theatre Exchange point (≈ 10.2 km). The second runner waits for the first runner at the exchange point outside the Dailes Theatre and takes over the relay by the first runner handing over the relay "stick" and running until the half-marathon finish.


How will the relay “stick” exchange take place?


Once the first runner reaches the Dailes Theatre, it's time to find the relay stick exchange corridor (will be ranked by participant numbers), in which it will be expected by a partner to take over the relay “stick.” With the relay "stick" handed over, the second runner from Dailes Theatre runs to the half-marathon distance finish. First runner in the meantime can, for example, head to the finish area to welcome his relay companion.


Where will the relay participants get to the medal?


The first runner will receive the medal outside the Dailes Theatre and the second runner will receive the medal in the half-marathon finish.


What will be the “stick” of the relay exchange?


Each relay team will receive one relay exchange “stick,” which will be a foldable, or can be rolled-up. The “stick” will feature a time control chip that is important not to fold or damage and the number of the relay team.


Both members of the relay team will also receive a chest-mounted number without a time-control chip (Remember that there is only one chip per team and it's embedded in the relay “stick”).


The course


When developing the Half-Marathon course of the World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga, we wanted it to be fast, pretty, compact, and accessible. So here we go!


The start and finish area – the Embankment – is the Gate to Old Riga and is right on the main river Daugava. It’s wide, spacious, and in the heart of the city making it easily accessible for Championship runners, fans, and spectators!


Right after the start we cross the Akmens tilts (Stone Bridge), allowing perfect UNESCO Heritage Old Riga Views, and head to Pārdaugava, the other bank of river Daugava, known for its contrasting architecture combining the National Library, wooden architecture, and skyscrapers with romantic gems like Dzegužkalns, the Cuckoo Hill.

We return to Old Riga over Vanšu bridge (Suspension Bridge) offering a spectacular Panorama of the City. The good news is that Vanšu bridge and Stone bridge are pretty much the only hills on the course since the rest of Riga is pretty flat.


The compact course includes most of Riga’s central landmarks making it exciting not just for participants, but spectators. National Museum of Arts. National Theatre. The Monument of Freedom and the very central avenue of Riga – Freedom Street. Before finishing off – the world-famous Art Noveau architecture on Elizabeth street.





Any recreational runner who is ready for a challenge can register for any of the official mass races in Riga and earn a unique medal from the World Athletics Road Running Championships.


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