News11 Mar 2001

Men heptathlon event 6


– pole vault

Lev Lobodin took a major step in the direction of a possible silver medal with a 5.20 performance in the pole vault. The Russian's six-event total is 5368 as he got back 92 of the 138 points which had separated him from Jon Arnar Magnusson after five events.

Now, the gap is only 46 points between the Icelander and the Russian. That corresponds to a difference of just over four seconds in the 1000 metres, the final event of the two days.

Magnusson didn't help himself with a 4.90 performance, considerably off his personal best of 5.20. Not only did he allow Lobodin to close in from behind, he also failed to gain any ground on Roman Sebrle's lead, as the Czech also cleared 4.90.

Sebrle's aggregate of 5523 is 77 points ahead of his season-leading performance pace last month.

Thus, the identity of the three medal winners is looking more and more certain. Only the final assignments need to be made.

Standing in fourth place is American Stephen Moore at 5285, just ahead of Sydney champion Erki Nool at 5249.

Along with Lobodin, Oleksandr Yurkov of Ukraine also jumped 5.20 in the pole vault, a personal best. His composite 5241 positions him in sixth place, only eight points behind Nool.