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Travelling to the National Athletics Centre


Travelling to the National Athletics Centre


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Parking is not available around the National Athletics Centre...

the best way to reach the stadium is by public transport: e.g. trams 1, 2, or 24 (get off at the Közvágóhíd stop), buses 54, 55, 223E, 224, 224E and 225E (Közvágóhíd stop) + only on weekdays, bus 179 (Helyi kikötő út stop), suburban railway (HÉV): H6 (Közvágóhíd stop) and H7 (MÜPA stop). You can even arrive to the World Championships by boat from Batthyány square to MÜPA Hajóállomás! Cyclists and scooter riders should not leave their favourite vehicle at home, but you can also come on foot, by MOL BUBI or by shared car or scooter.


Information on taxi services

Taxi fares in Budapest are uniform prices, regardless of the daytime, any public holiday or service provider and are specified by authority. Taxi fares are always calculated by the taxametre. The taxi fare is comprised of the base fare, the time-based fare unit and also of the distance-based fare unit. The minute-based fare is calculated by the taxametre below the 15 km/h speed limit. 


Licensed cabs are yellow, and you can recognize them by the corporate logos appearing on both sides of the front doors, and the official prices displayed on one of the rear doors. With this knowledge, you can avoid freelance cabs. 


All cabs are required by law to accept credit cards. Tipping is not mandatory.


To book a taxi, you have two options: you can either call a taxi company directly or use a dedicated taxi application. For more details, including a list of licensed taxi companies, please visit https://bkk.hu/en/travel-information/cars-and-freight-transport/taxi-services/.


To reach the stadium, instruct the driver to take you to the National Athletics Centre located at Hajóállomás u. 1. 


Public transport in Budapest

Budapest has an efficient network of public transport, including buses, trams, trolleybuses, metro, boats and suburban railway trains managed by the Budapest Transport Centre (BKK). You can easily reach the stadium by tram, bus, and suburban railway or even by boat!


  • Trams: Number 1, 2, or 24. Get off at the Közvágóhíd stop!
  • Buses: Number 54, 56, and 224. Get off at the Közvágóhíd stop + only on weekdays, bus 179.  Get off at the Helyi kikötő út stop!
  • Suburban Railway (HÉV): H6 (Közvágóhíd stop) and H7 (MÜPA stop)
  • Boat: from the city centre to MÜPA Hajóállomás


Daytime transport

You can easily access any part of the city using the frequent metro trains, trams, trolleybuses, and buses. With four metro lines available, along with a comprehensive tram network connecting key points in the city center, moving around Budapest is seamless. Large city maps at metro stations and busy transport hubs offer guidance and aid in finding your way.


Night transport:

During the evening and night hours, the night transport services operate differently from the daytime schedule. Trams run throughout the night on the Grand Boulevard, extending their service to Nyugati railway station.


Furthermore, night buses provide public transport, easily identifiable by their numbering starting with a 9. The night bus network covers the entire capital, including the outer districts, ensuring convenient transportation during late hours.


There are several options to get your ticket, pass or travelcard. To reach the National Athletics Centre, look for Közvágóhíd stop.


For more information on travel planning, tickets or transport in Budapest visit: https://bkk.hu/en/ 


Community transport in Budapest

MOL Bubi, a public transport service provided by BKK, offers a swift and eco-friendly travel option within the urban transport network, available 24/7. With 197 stations scattered across the city, you can easily pick up and return the apple-green bikes, combining cycling with other forms of public transport to cater to your specific travel needs. 


Additionally, Budapest now boasts a new electric scooter-sharing system, Lime which introduced electric scooters to Hungary in 2019. To access the scooters, simply download the app and effortlessly borrow a scooter to set off on your way. To download the app, you'll need a valid phone number and an email address for the confirmation code.


The app enables you to locate the nearest scooter, providing information about its battery charge level. After scanning the QR code, you're all set to go. The scooters operate on chargeable batteries, which are replenished during the night to ensure they are ready for new users the next day.


For shared micromobility devices and vehicles, designated parking points are established. Look out for the light-green signs indicating MicroMobility Points, which can be found at public transport stops and other densely populated areas. These points not only serve for shared devices but can also be used for parking private bicycles and scooters.


For more information on travel planning and community transport in Budapest visit: https://bkk.hu/en/